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A start, like the first trickle of an overflowing river bank, letting it flow where it may
Since I haven't written in many, many moons, I think I should just start typing whatever randomness flows from my fingertips. Besides, my return really only comes about because my husband loves to fall asleep to the tippy-tapping of my fingers on the keyboard. I very much love to write, yet three boys have kept my life busy. But there it is, isn't it. Busy. What a boring word. I simply need to dive into interesting and unusual words. And so it begins.

Writing Exercise #1 - Using Dictionary.com's word of the day. Nacreous - of or relating to nacre; resembling nacre; lustrous; pearly. Nacre - mother-of-pearl (a hard, iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of certain mollusk shells, used for making buttons, beads, etc.; nacre).

A writing...

She wears her dress; a long-flowing, lustrous dress, mesmerizing with it's nacreous glinting. It seemed to glow even. She strolls through dim and misty timbers. Bits of sun force it's way through cracks in the leaves; cracks made only when the wind forces it's way through the branches. It was as though nature itself was in conflict. The trees and the shrubs and the flowers wanting to hold on to her forever; the sun and the wind and the skies desperately trying to draw her back. To where?

Her mind dawdles and wanders as she strolls to ... well, nowhere. She doesn't know where. Strings of cryptic, interrupted thoughts keep her distracted and slow; yet she continues. She tugs her lip. There's something. What is it? Oh! What a beautiful trill! Where is it coming from? Which branch?

Birds singing and cawing, the croak of a random frog, the buzzing of a locust calling out for its mate; each in turn catching her ears so she tarries in this spot then that. She knows not that she goes at all. She only knows each moment. And so her life was. Caught.

... end writing prompt. For now anyway. And so that's where my mind has been ever since I was a old enough to know what a pretty maiden/princess was in the days of kinds and queens and castles. Mystic, dreamy, soft. So this is it for tonight. Hopefully I'll be back more often.
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