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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Adult · #2161034
An open and shut case
407 word entry for June's "PersonITfication

‘You're an open and shut case if I ever saw one.”

The voice came as a mystery to me. I was just leaving the airport. I turned to see her play with her fasteners, a slick model, molded fashionably but kind of edgy, if you know what I mean. She seemed to be talking to herself but was looking sideways at me. “Pardon?”

“Never mind." She flirted hot and cold like she'd been around the block a time or two. "You look like you just came out of the closet. Are you gay?”

I blushed a deep purple as she edged up to my side. “I don’t get out as much anymore.” I thought she might roll on by but for some reason, she wanted to stick with me. “What’s an open and shut case, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She eyed me like I wasn’t the usual type of luggage crate worth doing her heavy lifting for her. Instead of answering, she asked another question. “You really look full of yourself, are you?”

Two could play at this game. I decided to hang out with her on the curb a little longer. We both let a few taxi’s flash by, me becoming the silent type.

It finally seemed to get to her. She made a fake yawn, then opened up a little. “Look. I’m holding onto my sexy briefcase as best I can. I won the last suitcase I tried. I’m not trying to pick you up. Let’s be friends.”

She looked like something I might not be able to handle. “What do you have in mind?” I didn’t understand where she was trying to go with this. She definitely seemed to have more than a simple look like a yellow streak about her now.

“I don’t know. I’m impulsive. I guess I have a case of the hots.” She wiggled, flashing a bit more than maybe she should.

“You don’t look like a high wheeled streetwalker trying to pull my chain, are you?”

“Look, pal. I don’t like that crack you just made. You’ve got your I.D. written all over you.”

With that we ended as we’d began, each waiting silently side by side for our rides to show.

It is so hard to see inside each other, maybe I’d made a mistake but we sure seemed like a mismatched pair. It was going to be a long wait.
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