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An interesting and highly informative article on choice
Choice, simply put involves the act of making decisions. It involves contemplating on the merit and demerit of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. A choice can be made through imagination or between two real options and the decision can be based on corresponding actions. For instance, a driver can make a decision to choose a particular route based on the preference that he'll get to the destination faster than taking other routes. The route chosen can then be subjected to pieces of information such as the length of the routes, the traffic conditions, the condition of the road and so on.
Most people as regards having choices as a good thing, although there are severally artificial or choices that are restricted and can end one up in discomfort with taking decisions and outcomes that are unsatisfactory. In addition, a choice with excess numerous options might lead to confusion, the regret of not taking the right option from the alternatives and a feeling that choosing a course or an object can lead to the control of that object or course or cause psychological problems
There are several questions pertaining to choice as a good thing or otherwise but the most important is who makes the choice for you. Choices have to be made everywhere. Someone who likes dressing up will be in terms of innumerable choices in the wardrobe, but at the same time, that person might not like to choose between different generic drugs. From the center of perspectives of an economist, too many choices are not good when the marginal benefit from adding an additional choice is below the cost.
From the perspective of scientists, there are some evidence that greater choices have the potential to improve the welfare of a particular person, obviously, there is a choice of too much options. For instance, in an experiment comprising a choice of free soda, an individual is expected to choose explicitly from 3 options as opposed to 30 variety of sodas, and the only benefit from the smaller choice set would reduce the cognitive burden of the choice. A recent research supported the study, it reveals that as the number of available choices increases, there is also an increase in the limited options. An attempt to give an explanation on why choice can be an agent of demotivation to someone from a purchase has to focus on two main factors. One of the factors assumes that perusing a larger number of choices imposes a cognitive burden on that particular individual. The other option assumes that regret can be experienced by an individual if they make choices that are suboptimal and sometimes avoid choice making to avert regrets.
According to Brain Tracy, there are about four types of decision:
1. Command decision
2. Delegated decision
3. Avoided decision
4. No brainer decision
Looking at the decision from another aspect focuses on the mechanism of thoughts used in the decision making
1. Rational
2. Intuitive
3. Recognition based
4. Combination
The personality of an individual plays a significant role in the reaction to picking from large choices. The psychologist has developed a personality test in the determination of where an individual lies. Above all, in establishing the types of choices makes it a possibility to for identification of related decisions that will influence the constraint of a particular choice as well as being influenced and constrained by another choice.

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