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by Kev
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I decided to get back into writing, so I figured I would tell you how my life has been.
So last time I posted, I had just met Annie for the first time. She was a 13 year old who ended up "babysitting" me while I was sick. I was forced to wear diapers due to an illness that came on quickly and made it difficult for me to use the bathroom. So what happened from there....

So that wasn't the only time that she ended up coming over and watched me. I ended up dealing with being sick for almost a year. I had too many doctors appointments and a few surgeries, which kept me home a lot during the summer after that school year; and because my mom needed to work, Annie came over a lot. Initially, I was furious and super embarrassed but she eventually grew on me. I know that she was 4 years younger than I was but she was pretty mature and very understanding. She also got along with my sister pretty well, so she was a good fit.

Eventually, everything started to feel normal and actually pretty enjoyable. Annie would come over in the morning before my mom would leave for work and we were still sleeping. When we would wake up, she would change me and cook us breakfast. We would then play for most of the day, whether it was board games, video games, crafts, or other things like that. Her job was to really just make sure we ate, I took my meds, change me, and make sure if anything went wrong that she would call somebody.

Anyways, I never really got to spend time with my friends since my parents split up so this was nice. And it was also cool that I didn't have to pretend or hide anything. She knew about my problem and was cool about it. She was also cool about me wearing girl socks and even pajamas occasionally.

I'm not going to lie, during this whole time, I actually enjoyed the extra attention and security of a diaper. I also enjoyed wearing girls clothes and slowly started to take more and more clothes because mine were "dirty." I think the time that I came out wearing one of my sister's skirts because I didn't have clean pants, was the time that Annie and my sister figured it out.

We started to play a lot of dress-up which was really fun for me. Initially we would just do this when mom wasn't home but eventually I got comfortable enough to do it when she was around too. I think that she thought it was cute so was okay with it.

As I began to get more and more comfortable, I began wearing stuff out in public too. The first time was when Annie, Tyler, and I went on a walk around the block and this led to going to the park and eventually the store.

When school picked back up, I missed a lot of days so I spent a lot of time making up courses online. That was good for me because I didn't have to go to school in a diaper and instead got to stay at home. The only issue was that Annie still had school so my mom had to find somebody else to watch me. Luckily, Annie had an older sister who had just graduated and returned from college. Annie had told her everything anyways, so I didn't have to hide. Her role was the same except she had to make sure I was doing my school work.

Throughout the year, I got really close with their family and we would spend a lot of time together. Their family, doctors, and my sisters friends were about the only people I would see.

After my final surgery and recovery time, I was actually healthy but didn't want to leave my diapers. I continued to use them which concerned my mom. She brought it up to the doctors who explained that after a year of not having control I may need to regain control.

That started a 3 week potty-training phase. I didn;t even try and when my mom brought it up to the doctors and confronted me, I admitted that I didn't want to leave the diapers. She was surprisingly okay with that, so now I am in diapers full time. We didn't end up telling the doctors because her health insurance through work pays for the diapers.

Now that I didn't need to take meds or anything, Annie nor her sister no longer had to babysit. That was a little discouraging because I liked spending time with them. I didn't see them as much as I would have liked.

As for my sister's, we spent a lot of time together. We would still play dress-up and became really close. I would even play with her and her friends when they came over. That was about the only time I would see Annie too.

However, last week I got an invite to Annie's birthday party. She was turning 15 and was having an 80's theme at the roller rink. I decided that I would wear girls clothes to it which was exhilarating. Over my diaper, I wore neon green tights with pink socks/leg warmers and shorts. I wore a white shirt that showed one of my shoulders and even though I had shorter hair, I still had enough for a high pony. I wore a headband and my mom helped me with make up.

I went and had a lot of fun. The crazy thing was that only like one-fourth of the people there knew I was a boy and most didn't think I was 18, since I am short and slender.

I could definitely get used to this new life.
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