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by Ling
Rated: E · Bulletin · Emotional · #2161192
Everybody believes you are nothing but a fool and loser. But do you have to believe that?
Chapter 1

Who is Miss Epic?
Miss Epic is a 27-year-old young woman who is from China. At the age of 20, she went to England for 4 years to study her undergraduate degree in Nottingham and one year postgraduate taught course in East End of London. In accordance of most people, she is somehow "unusual". She will be 30 soon, but she is still very clumsy in terms of applying cosmetics. Sometimes, shop assistants cannot help giggling when they witness how Miss Epic uses eye lashers or lip sticks, because most teenager girls are no strangers to make-ups.

Why she is "Epic"?
In the earlier 90s, most Chinese couples were permitted to have one child. About 28 years ago, she had an older brother, but he only lived for three days. Miss Epic's father's mother who was desperate for a grandson was heartbroken when she realised that her precious youngest son had a healthy little girl rather than a son. She was named "Epic" by her mother who could foresee this girl would be "unconventional".

What are Miss Epic's hobbies?
If you love English historic fictions, especially the Tudor Era, you will find you share a lot of topics with her. She started reading Tudor Historic fictions in English when she was in Year 3. Her favourite author is Philippa Gregory. She picked up her books because her writings are not so complicated for EFL (English as Foreign Language) Learners. She has finished 6 of this British author's books so far.

She also loves Western and Broadway musicals. She watched most hit shows when she was in England. She was over the moon when Matilda and her friends finally beat up Miss Trunchbull. She just hates bullying teachers who judge students just in accordance of their academic records. She remembers almost every line from Les Miserables. She says to herself" Tomorrow we will discover what our god in heaven has in store", when she feels dismay. She also wishes the world is as peaceful as "they will work behind the ploughshare and put away the sword; the chain will be broken and all men will have their rewards."

She is interested in plays of Shakespeare. She is no expert in Shakespearian literatures, but she just feels it is awesome to see actors to do the lines on the stage.

She is a fan of children's books as well. She wishes she could fly like Mary Poppins. If it would be the case, she could travel around the world just with an umbrella and a carpetbag.

She is silly, isn't she? But that person she is.

Q & A with Miss Epic
Miss Epic is not a celebrity, but should we should listen opinions from this ordinary Chinese young woman. Well, she refuses to accept what was told and always have her OWN opinions towards the world and herself. To most Chinese people, she is a loser, because she still has not had a well-paid job after 4 years expensive education in England. Besides, she has not even had a boyfriend. But she never gives up and gives in. She never believes that God has done her injustice. About three weeks ago, she handed in her notice and left the company she worked for 6 months. She left the job she loved to another company who promised her with more opportunities and income. She decided to join that company because she was told that the general manager was a Cambridge graduate. Perhaps, Miss Epic is just too native. She showed her enthusiasm towards her new role at the new company. In her mind, she used to believe that boss was a leader of an organisation who should be regarded as an equal rather than being served like King Henry VIII, tyrant, after he became a lunatic. She is unemployed again. She prefers to be jobless instead of working under authority of a tyrant.

Are scared that you          are still single? Do you think girls have to get married before 30?
Epic: Not at all. When I was younger I thought there were something wrong with me so I failed to meet the right guy. Now, I suppose it is crucial I should always be the person I am. My life would be disastrous if I tried to be someone else. My Mr. Right will pump into me when the time is right. I used to join a husband-hunting group with other girls for a little while because I wanted to impress my parents. I would not say that was a bad idea, unfortunately that was not for me. I felt gutted that I had to mingle with a group of people who had nothing in common with me. Marriage is a life-long promise to both man and woman instead of a debt you own to your parents.

I do understand some girls are firmer believers on marrying themselves off before 30. I am referred as a "fussy' husband picker by those who are "traditional" Chinese people. My grandma, who is a woman from countryside, is particularly upset that I almost take no notice on searching a husband. She has been disappointed with me about my gender since the day I was born. So I have absolutely had no idea how to make her feel "hopeful" towards me. Well, anyway, she will always be my dad's mum. The truth is my prince charming is neither a prince nor a rich guy. He and I will just feel we can share and live our lives together. Marriage is a rather significant commitment, so it is tantamount to contemplate it before exchanging the vows. If my future husband meets before I am 30, I will go down the aisle when I am still in my 20s. If it is not the case, I will wait for him rather than signing the marriage contact with someone else.

Everybody is different regardless of social status and educational background. Some people meet their soul mate at their earlier 20s, but some will not turn up in their lives when they are 30s or 40s. The world would be a tedious place without diversification if each human being was same.

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