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We are now entering such times when it'd be foolish to ask a 'why' to innocent curiosities
A well simulated Martian environment cannot be so bad that just because it is experimental the fact of artificiality could discourage the flood of emotions any curious mind must face at the news of NASA'S success at cultivating 'Martian plants'. My own hair stood well raised when I saw the post on their Insta account. Added to the fact of the unimaginable technological advances that we are rapidly making, the possibility of Martian habitation seems very practical. There are those who would argue whether it is not only a psychological thing, this wanting to live on another planet but we are now, I think, entering such times when it'd be foolish to ask a 'why' to innocent curiosity things.

It'll take time of course, a proper Martian settlement but the adventures should soon begin, and once again I regret bitterly not having gone into astro programmes. But Elon Musk gives hope. SpaceX is working hard towards practical space tourism and that thing could take many shapes! There are dreams one tries to forget for any remembrance of them hurts too bad but the point to which such companies have developed any required technologies to travel into space it seems like a calculated risk to imagine once again.

It was like a booster jab, gazing at that pic of Martian plants, immunity against the drab and lazy perspectives that advocate permanence. We have not yet scratched the surface of possibilities that await intelligent discovery. Such teams as NASA or European space missions are often called financial sinks but the fact remains that it but ill suits our race to live unobservant or discourage human thirst for knowledge. Space exploration is by all definitions the ultimate goal of any intelligence wherever it may evolve. I hope, that if not too far away, we could soon, at least fly out to such distances as to get a feel of this great mysterious existence.
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