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This is a story about honey
One day,Stacy and was feeding the flying butter on her flower garden and then she saw a buzzhive.
She said to herself: "wouldn't it be nice if I had some Apple juice ??" But she had no apple juice and this made her sad.She looked at the buzzhive and noticed something golden and shiny.It looked like apple juice.Stacy really wants apple juice!
So she got Moishe Oofnik's ladder and climbed up the free with the buzzhive on it.She took the pitcher that she brought (which also belonged to Moishe Oofnik) and scooped up the shiny golden apple juice.Yum! Thought Stacy.I really want some yummy apple juice!
Then she heard the buzzers from the buzzhive buzzing.Oh no! Thought Stacy.The Buzzers will sting me!!!
She dropped the pitcher with the "Apple juice" and ran for cover.While she ran she remembered that she was on a ladder and broke both her legs.And the buzzers also came down the ladder and stung her.
The lesson of the story is:don't take apple juice from a buzzhive.
(Later in the hospital she discovered what honey and bees are and the difference between them)
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