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Having a crush is an extremely painful experience. I'd know first hand.
Torment flowed through my body. Burning my veins caustically. My lungs shrieking desperately for air. Insides churning. The spark within my gullible heart started to grow. Into an inextinguishable ember. Furious and devouring. Heart pounding in my chest. The skin above it beating vigorously. Pain is too abridged for what I felt. He walked pass me and the soul inside my consciousness disintegrated. Leaving nothing but despair. Nothing can compare to the petrifying experience of being near him. Life tossed into an abyss of death. That devilishly beautiful smile. Lighting and shadowing my surroundings simultaneously. Teeth sparkling like pearls in the dark sea floor. Hair as smooth as cloth. Fragrance diffused in the air around him. Eyes visible from afar. Those cutting eyes. His silencing glare. I couldn't handle it nor can I now. Too intense it was. Too intense for my weak body. The pain didn't stop. He enjoyed it. Gorgeous he was. Just not at heart. Maybe that's why they call it a crush. Or maybe I was just too easily defeated. Either way, crushed.
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