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by Ari
Rated: E · Bulletin · Contest Entry · #2161326
Diavo journals his horrific experience on the warmest side of the world

Entry 007 11.13.2080

-here still-

Canada used to be deemed as cold, but ever since we broke off and drifted, we've been one of the hottest places on the planet, and not hot as in popular either. Our winters are on average 76 degrees Celsius. Back in the 2020's 40 degrees Celcius would have us all stuck inside due to heat warnings.
Not anymore, we're stuck, without an air conditioner or anything to cool us off. No countries pilots or ship captains want to travel to Canada. We are left with no supplies, no imported food, everything we have (which isn't much) is from our own country. But no plants grow, and no animals live. We have only things such as stone and sand.
If somebody finds this, anybody, I ask for one thing. Bring to a place of cooler summers or a place where air conditioners may be bought at your local WalMart. God, I miss WalMart. If I must stay here, I shall learn to build an air conditioner of stone and sand, for I can not stand this heat for much longer.
I just need something to save me. Something to pull me out of this heat, I'll go crazy if I don't. Many people have. They try to swim away, in the ocean to escape, but they don't make it. We drifted so far from every other country it'd be ne- Wait. It couldn't be... I think I see, a, a boat in the distance.
It couldn't be. I must go, go now! To anyone reading this I am probably somewhere cold, like Hawaii! I've finally escaped and you may wish me good luck on my travels.

Sincerely, Diavo Mishagen

It was not a boat Diavo had seen, it was simply a hallucination. Diavo drown in the ocean. He never made it to his cool destination. Perhaps if he just had an air conditioner, all would be well, or perhaps, Diavos fate was inevitable.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2161326-A-boat-in-the-distance