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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2161353
In this story I decided to create a prelude to the “three little pigs” fable. Enjoy!

A Wolf And the Three Pigs (fairy-tale)
Once upon a time, a pack of wolves wandered into a mystical forest to join several other packs to create a community within this strange new land. Within the next few weeks the wolves started to establish themselves into the new environment by creating several campsites. Although the whole community is in the same area, each pack is separated by its own campsite. Each pack (within its own campsite) separates its members between the leaders, hunters, and the workers. Each campsite has roughly three leaders, seven hunters, and four workers, respectively. Each wolf when standing on its hind legs stands at least 6 feet of the ground (except for the young members of course) and has a brown and black coat of fur, and a big snout. The leaders are the oldest and most experienced members of the community. They not only provide the rest of their pack with wisdom and ideas, but also are the last say when their pack/community is to make a decision.
The workers build the homes for their camp and their pack out of the only three building materials that are in this land : straw, sticks, and brick. However, because there are only a small amount of wolves that are workers, the majority of the wolves are hunters, it took a long time for any home was built. Each campsite had only had a couple of homes built to hold all its pack every night. Although, every member of a pack doesn’t stay in for the night, for the hunters are either out hunting for food or guarding their community hopefully scarring off any predators. Each hunter is geared with a long, sharp, spear and has full-metal armour from head-to-toe including: guards for their shins and forearms, a full-metal helmet and a silver breastplate. However, unbeknownst to any of the wolves a looming threat got a hold of their scent, and is now watching their every move day and night.
On a cold and windy winter's day, the leaders and majority of the hunters of the whole community met up to discuss what actions they must take about the mysterious noise, which is distributing the community, coming from the mountain that is behind the campsites. The leaders decided that they themselves and two hunters from each pack will investigate the sound, leaving the workers, young members of the pack, and only a few hunters to guard the community.
Before the group left they geared themselves up with lighter-weighted armour and weapons such as swords, shields, and spears in case they are attacked. The leaders led the group up the mountain following the sound, which is getting louder and screechier piercing through the ears of the wolves. As the group neared the top of the mountain, they passed by a dark, short, and creepy looking cave, for which they were sure the sound was coming from. Intimidated by the evil feel of the cave, the group made torches from some sticks they found outside the cave. However, while entering the cave they had to also rely on their sense of smell, for they still could not see well even with the illuminating light of the torches.
Once the group had moved toward the middle of the rounded cave, they had noticed with each step a bone-chilling crunching sound could be heard. Immediately before they could see what they were stepping on they had not only smelled something rancid, but also heard snarling, growling, and rumbling noises coming from the entrance of the cave. Suddenly, a silhouette of a tall, fat, and putrid looking pig who (was standing a few feet before the entrance of the cave) had a few strings of black hair running from the top of his head down the front of his face. He also had menacing looking tusks protruding from its mouth covered with saliva dripping toward the floor. With each drop of saliva dropping to the floor echoes throughout the cave mimicking the slowed shallow heartbeat within the wolves chests.
A few seconds later this war pig, to whom smelled the fear of the wolves, raised and extended its arms revealing that in his right hand it is holding a double-sided battle axe. Then it stomped on the ground, while opening its mouth making a screeching warcry, causing the cave to collapse at the entrance and trapping the wolves inside. The wolves realizing that their weapons will have no use for them escaping out of the cave, resorts to their greatest weapon which is their breath. These wolves can blow their breath so strong that it could mimic a small tornado. And so, with all the wolves working together the entrance, which was blocked from the collapsed cave, blew open freeing the wolves. However, the war pig appeared once again but this time he was not alone, two more war pigs joined him which wasted no time, and rushed after the wolves, screaming and swinging their axes, and slaughtering them all.
These pigs are the last of the war pigs who are the protectors of the pig population in this mystical forest. Their job is to protect their pig community by stopping any possible threats from predators, and they do not like intruders. And so, these war pigs rush down the mountain with great speed to finish off the wolf community to whom they believe intruded into their forest. After much war cries, screaming, fighting, and bloodshed the pigs had believed they had killed the remaining of the wolf community and had stopped all possible threats to their population. However, in the midst of the carnage and underneath one of the destroyed homes, one young wolf survived to whom had just watched its pack and community being slaughtered.
A few days later the war pigs picked up the scent of this young wolf, to whom was running for his life, and quickly traced it until they were right behind him. The young wolf tried hiding in any place he could find even some houses that he stumbled upon (made from sticks and straw), but no matter where he hid the war pigs would find him and whirl their battle-axes through it and leaving piles of wreckage in their wake. After countless days on the run in this strange land, the young wolf had seemingly loss the crazed war pigs until he had came to a beginning of a forest, and he thought that going through this forest may be the only way from escaping. Suddenly a few hundred feet within the forest the wolf sees the menacing looking war pigs to whom once again gave a terrible screech signaling the end of the young wolf. Then the young wolf steaming with so much anger that he huffed and puffed as he took a deep breath, then blew as hard as he could which caused all the trees that were all-round the pigs come crashing down on top of them.
In the course of the next several years, this once nice young wolf (who now is still filled with anger and bitterness) had become relentless and cold-blooded trying to find a way to survive on its own as time went on. The only thing kept him moving on was his hatred for all pigs, he needed revenge. Then one day, several years later, he saw three little pigs building three houses and he knew his time of revenge had come at last.
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