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From Pass-the-Write-Baton. Angels have dreams too
I've been waiting in this desert for eternity. I've tried countless times to reach him, each time a different scenario within a different dream. Dreaming is the only way I can reach him. If I am to bring him to my embrace before the dark comes to claim him for good, I must find out what will resonate within his subconscious. My heart breaks when I dwell too long on the idea of never having him for my own. I look down at his beautiful face, his heavy black lashes lapping at his cheeks like the waters of a serene ocean as he dreams. His hair is gold and cornsilk and starlight. For a moment, my throat flutters, and I don't think I can resist kissing his full lips. Then I remember what happens if I touch him.

So I tried first to frighten him. From the little I know of human nature, nightmares seem to have the greatest effect on heightening the senses. Fight or flight, I think they call it? Anyway, my strategy of the hunter (me) stalking out her prey (him) didn't seem to get very far. I only succeeded in stoking my desire for him, and I found myself longing to capture him and treat him as my prey. The human subconscious is a mysterious and personal thing. His psyche went somewhere hidden and wasn't ready to be caught just yet. Perhaps his curiosity was stronger than his fear.

My role as the siren was just as unsuccessful. I tried to seduce him, to break his heart to wake him so I could give him mine. This only resulted in stirring melancholy, which is not exactly an emotion known for inciting action.

The nuance of comedy can sometimes have a stimulating effect on the human condition, so I dug deeper within to anticipate his sense of humor. It turns out he had an Uncle with an insatiable appetite for practical jokes, particularly if my love was the target and was under the age of fourteen. I didn't have time to rifle through them all, so I used the first I found. It was something about attempting to get the poor boy to stick his hand into a tank full of piranhas to retrieve a ring belonging to his uncle's "boss" that he had somehow managed to lose down there. I found myself detesting this Uncle, and I resolved to claim vengeance upon him for his dishonesty. For a moment, I thought this was the one that had done the trick, for he moaned and rolled his head toward me. I thought he was going to open his eyes, and I eagerly anticipated the focus of his gaze. Instead, he muttered something about speaking to God. At least we were making a little progress, maybe somewhere deep in that dark well inside his head, he was beginning to comprehend.

This was the point at which he began to moan fitfully. He tossed and turned on the dune. Panic sat heavily on my chest, and I found it difficult to breathe. My time was running out. "Just stay calm!" I screamed into the wind, imploring it to stop howling around me, but found my pleading in vain. The wind answered mockingly, informing me that I would never be able to bargain my immortality for a mortal life lived with this man. This man whom I loved more than all the wonders I had seen and all the lovers I had taken in my 3,000 years combined.

We were so close! I could feel his mind reaching for mine. "NO! I screamed at the dead, heavy sky. Dark figures surrounded us. Tears fell from my cheeks, making indentations in the sand as they turned to ice. All I could do was look at his face and weep. "Can I at least hold him?" I pleaded. The forms were silent, but I knew the answer. It was forbidden.

His precious form began to fade. I could see the outline of his beautiful body in the sand as he slipped away from me. I knew I'd never see his perfect face or swim the deep ocean of his mind again. The tallest figure stepped forward, looming over me as I sat curled in the sand. I drew my knees to my forehead to hide my icy tears, but I know he could see my sobbing. My wings heaved too heavily along my back to hide this. I looked sternly into his black face. "I hate you," I said evenly. "And I promise next time it will be you sobbing alone in the sand, begging me for mercy."
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