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A little something about what young adults face quite often.
Are We Really Ourselves?

Growing up loving your casual clothes and hanging out with friends who are always up to date with fashion and latest trends is never easy when they want to change you, and being yourself when you're not into all of that, is worse. On the other hand, being really fond of makeup and constantly being dissed as the "ultimate cake face" is no less of a trouble. All this falls in the ultimate, peace-killing monstrous traits of peer pressure.

Innumerable kids fall victim to peer pressure and it's really important to counsel them when they are at their low. The younger generation should know that it's completely okay to behave however they want, and be able to say a simple word when experiencing peer pressure. Which word? 'NO'.

I understand that it's easier said than done because I experienced the same insanely ridiculous pressure like everybody else in high school. I being myself at the moment, tried to take in everything from my surroundings, the good, and the bad. The result was as cool as mixing a cake and pasta together. And you know what it did? It caused social awkwardness and really low self esteem that I still struggle with till date. All because I couldn't say a simple word: 'NO'

If you're into arts, you don't have to take an engineering degree, if you're into fashion and makeup, you're completely free to experiment with your looks every single day and if you're one of those people who wears sweatpants literally every day, just keep doing it. If you allow others to manipulate and change your thought process, it will just add up to your pressures.

Here's the thing, the way we behave symbolizes what is truly our personality. And if you're changing that constantly, you're never going to have that distinct independant personality everyone looks for in strong individuals. It's really important to create a barrier between you and people who want you to change just so you fit in with them.

It's really important that we teach kids and all young people around us to not take everything that comes their way as a positive change. Everybody has their own essence that makes them themselves. And that should be kept intact.

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