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First Chapter of a sci-fi I am working on
I really despise these long freaking nights. Driving Chase Travers from one bar to the next one drives me absolutely off the wall especially after a long day working as an EMT, Emergency Medical Technician. Chase never thanks any of us, he is rude as all hell, and he just expects the rides now. Chase also has a massive crush on me and he makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Chase has had a crush on me for years now and no matter how many times I tell him no or that I am not interested in him it does not matter to him.
Tonight is my night to drive Chase around town and I hate this with a passion. The EMTs and the medics from work and I got together and formed this schedule because Chase would drive around drunk and would not think twice about it. So to prevent a serious car accident or killing someone, we decided to step in. I do not know if it was the best idea to enable Chase this way. But we are in the art of saving lives. It seems like Chase drinks more on these nights. Chase did not like the idea of not driving himself around, not at first, but we did not give him a choice in the matter. Like I said he now expects us to drive him around and instead of just getting drunk he gets shattered.
Now this whole crush thing that Chase has on me has really got to stop. The very thought of Chase makes my skin crawl and I have tried to talk to Chase about it but he does not listen to me. Medic friends of mine have talked to Chase about this and he will not listen to them either. Medic friends have actually threatened to beat the living snot out of Chase if he does not leave me alone. Again Chase will not leave me alone.
Chase will find little ways to just to touch me in inappropriate areas. Chase does not care when I order him to stop touching me. Chase tries to force himself on me but I am always able to fight him off. Chase attempts to tell people that we are dating but nobody believes him and this frustrates the hell out of him. All of the medics and EMTs know how I feel about Chase. I cannot stand Chase on a good day. When it is my night to drive Chase around town, it is more than just a little difficult, and I am always on guard. I do not like being on guard all the time but Chase makes me feel this way.
When Chase drinks, he always drinks to get drunk, and he is more than annoying when he is drunk. Chase is so infuriating that I want to beat the crap out of him but I would never actually do this unless it was out of self defense. I never drink, I do not like the taste of it, and I always order a soda when I am out in bars. Sometimes people look at me strange for order a plain soda but I do not care.
Chase is now flirting with some young girl and she is trying to politely ignore him. I nudge Chase, I tell him to give it up and leave her alone, but he will not do that. I roll my eyes. Chase thinks the girl is just playing hard to get. I shrug and I let him make a fool of himself. The young girl decides that Chase is not going to stop so she moves her seat.
I start thinking about making tonight my last night of driving Chase around. I cannot do this anymore. I cannot take Chase anymore and I am tired of him not knowing if he wants to be a man or a jackal. I have got to tell the other medics and EMTs but I do know they are not going to be happy about it. I just cannot keep doing this and I cannot keep getting stressed out about this whole Chase thing. Chase is really getting on my last nerve. Chase is done with this bar, he says it is getting old, and he wants to go to one more bar for a few more beers. I say that I am tired and I just want to go home but Chase does not care about that. All he cares about is getting in the last drink. I give in so I do not have to hear Chase’s complaints as I take him home.
I park my car in an empty pot hole infested parking lot, Chase and I climb out of the car, and we go into the bar called Justice Way. Rock music plays loudly and it is very crowded. I despise crowded places and Chase knows this. Like I have said, all Chase cares about is drinking and himself, and people do not rate on his scale. I suck it up because I know this is the last bar that we will be going to tonight and I have decided that I am not going to be carting Chase around anymore. Chase does not really care about me, all he wants is sex, and I will not give that up. I sit on a bar stool at the bar and I am nursing my soda. I search the room and I find Chase talking to a group of young girls. I can easily tell that these girls are just tolerating Chase and he is completely clueless of what they are actually doing to him. I wonder what makes Chase think that he is all that? I do not know nor do I really care. I do know that the group of girls are going to get security involved. The girls are getting really annoyed with Chase and his flirting. The bartender announces and yells that it is ‘Last Call’ and Chase gets one more beer.
We walk out to the car and Chase is stumbling the whole time. Chase is so drunk that it is not even funny. Chase pushes me against my car with surprising strength and I am pinned in such a way that I cannot fight back. I scream loudly for help. I am trying to fight back but I cannot. I scream for help again as I command Chase to stop. I am still trying to fight back but I still cannot and it frustrates me. Chase shoves a hand down my pants and he thrusts a couple of thick fingers up inside of me. I scream again and I fight the urge to cry. Chase is hurting me and there is nothing that I can do about it at the moment and I just want him to stop.
The next thing I know is Chase is on the ground and a strange man is standing there. The strange man is in a fight stance and I stand behind the man. Chase is on his feet again and he tries to throw a few punches in at the mystery man but Chase only ends up on the ground again. The next thing I know is Chase is getting up again and this time he has a knife in his hand. Where the hell did he get a knife? I do not know but this is extremely scary. I always knew that Chase was unstable I just did not know to what extent. Chase stabs the strange man, my personal hero, a few times and the man moans. My gut aches for this strange man.
Chase comes at me with the knife and I punch Chase in the face with enough force to break his nose. Blood sprays everywhere and I kick Chase in the groin. Chase doubles over, I knee him in the face, Chase screams, and he drops the knife in the mean time. I kick the knife away and Chase glares at me with a wicked stare. Chase stands up after a few moments, glares at me with a look that could kill, and he turns around and he flees the scene. I sigh with relief that Chase is gone for now. I know I must report this but I cannot right now. I must tend to the strange man.
I turn to the man who has saved me from Chase. I need to get him to the hospital right away. I help the man into my car and I am shocked. It takes me a few minutes to recover. This man’s blood is blue. Am I really seeing things? Is my mind playing tricks on me? Is this really possible? It does not really matter at the moment. I have to get this man to the hospital because he is massively bleeding out and I have to get him there right now. I speed over the bumpy roads to the hospital. I am trying to be careful but I know this man needs emergency care as soon as possible.
I ask this man his name. He replies it is Sebastian Andrews. I keep asking him questions to keep him awake for I do not want him to go into shock. I know he is already in a level of shock. Sebastian groans in pain and I feel for him. I wish I could take his pain away but I cannot. I call the hospital when I am five minutes away and I make them aware of what I am bringing in but I leave out the part that he has blue blood. When we arrive at the hospital a whole team of doctors and nurses is waiting for us. We help Sebastian out of the car and onto a hospital bed. Sebastian begs me to wait for him and I promise him that I will.
The team takes Sebastian directly into surgery and they do not seem concerned with the man’s blue blood. They are not startled by blue blood? How can that be? Blood is supposed to be red but nobody says a word. A young police officer brings me to a family waiting room and he asks me what has happened. I tell the officer about Chase Travers and about how he assaulted me. I also say that Chase is responsible for stabbing Sebastian. I also state that Sebastian is a hero for saving me. The officer has listened to everything I have said and asks me for Chase’s home address if I know it. I give the police officer Chase’s address and Chase’s cell phone number. The officer thanks me and then he leaves the room.
As I wait in the waiting room, I call my supervisor, and I say that I am taking a leave of absence. I am asked why I am requesting time off and I tell him everything that has happened tonight. My supervisor is shocked and he grants me two months of time off. I thank him and I hang up the phone. Parker Quinn, chief of police and a dear friend of mine, comes into the waiting room. I then start to cry and Parker hugs me tight. When my sobbing fades I tell Parker what has happened and how scared I am. I am afraid that Chase is going to try this again. If Chase tries this again what am I supposed to do? Parker says they are looking for Chase as we speak. I then tell Parker about Sebastian’s blue blood and Parker sighs. Parker knows he has to offer some answers and he is dreading this conversation.
“You know something.” I say.
“Yes I do.” Parker says.
“What do you know?” I ask.
“Not many people know about those with blue blood.” Parker softly says.
“Is it some sort of experiment gone wrong?” I ask.
“No, we are not from Earth.” Parker says.
“Where are they from?” I ask.
“We are from Zander.” Parker says.
“You keep saying we. Why?” I ask.
“Because I have blue blood as well.” Parker replies.
“You are joking, right?” I ask and I am stunned.
“No I’m not.” Parker says.
“You have to be kidding.” I say in disbelief.
“I have never lied to you before and I won’t start now.” Parker says.
“What the hell do I do now?” I ask.
“Get to know Sebastian, take care of him, and let him know that you care about him. Sebastian is special because he is royalty. I will do my very best to protect the both of you.” Parker says.
“Royalty?” I ask.
“Yes, he is the commander of United North. In other words he is the president of an entire country.” Parker says.
“You said you will protect us. Protect us from what?” I ask.
“Black bloods.” Parker says.
“What?” I ask in shock.
“From black bloods.” Parker says.
“There are black bloods too?” I ask and my head is starting to hurt and it is spinning.
“Yes, Chase is a black blood actually.” Parker says.
“That does not surprise me. Chase is arrogant, extremely selfish, acts as if he is five years old, he is cruel, and just pure evil.” I say.
“The black bloods are after Sebastian.” Parker says.
“Why are they after Sebastian? What did he do?” I ask.
“Because Sebastian is going to bring peace to the black blood planet and some black bloods do not want that peace, they thrive off of the chaos of each other and of others.” Parker says to me.
“Is there anything else I should know?” I ask and my mind is swimming in all this information already but I need to know if there is something I should look out for.
“Just trust your gut instinct. I know you have a great instinct.” Parker says.
“How do you know that?” I ask and I know Parker is right.
“I have known you since you were a little girl. Your gut instinct is normally right on.” Parker says.
“Thank you.” I say.
Parker gets a phone call from the police station and he has to leave me alone and I am not fond of this idea. I am left alone in the waiting room again with a thousand and one questions weighing in on my mind. I rise and I begin to pace around the small waiting room. I wonder if Sebastian is okay because it has been more than three hours that he has been in surgery. Finally the doctor herself comes into the waiting room. She introduces herself as Hope Banks and she seems very worried. Hope is worried for Sebastian’s condition is extremely critical at the moment. Sebastian has lost a lot of blood and there is not a large supply of blue blood. Hope says Sebastian is asking for me and I nod my head.
Hope brings me to see Sebastian and then she leaves the two of us alone. Sebastian has his eyes closed so I sit in the chair next to his bed. I hold his strong hand as he sleeps and I study his attractive features. I know that Sebastian is in and out of sleep and he will not remember much. Sebastian is paler than normal but that is because he has had a lot of blood loss and he just had surgery. I follow Sebastian as they take him to a private room on the intensive care floor. When everybody clears the room Sebastian glances at me. I squeeze his hand and he smiles at me.
“I owe you a huge explanation.” Sebastian says.
“Parker Quinn was here and he explained most of it.” I say.
“I shall explain the rest then.” Sebastian says.
“Not right now. You really need your rest.” I say.
“Will you stay here with me?” Sebastian asks.
“Of course I will.” I reply.
Sebastian falls asleep again, which is a side effect from all the medications he had during surgery, and I turn on the television. I am watching the news when the nurse checks in on Sebastian and she is a pleasant young lady. She says that Sebastian had a few complications due to massive blood loss. A lot of his internal organs were strained because of this blood loss. I glance over at Sebastian and I smile weakly. The poor guy, he risked himself for me, and now he is in critical condition. The nurse is saying that Sebastian should be fine. The young nurse leaves and I doze in the chair. By nine o’clock in the morning I am waking up feeling a bit cramped. Sebastian is sitting up in bed and he is eating breakfast. An older nurse asks me if I want anything to eat, I decline food, but I do ask for coffee with cream and sugar. Moments later I have a large coffee in hand and life could not be better. I sip my coffee and I watch Sebastian eat which is a really good sign.
We are alone now and I take Sebastian’s hand when he is finished with his breakfast. I ask Sebastian what he was doing in that parking lot so late at night. Sebastian replies he was waiting for me. Parker had told Sebastian where I was going to be. I wonder why he was looking for me and he sighs. Sebastian is reluctant to say but he decides to take the risk.
“A psychic on my planet told me that I would find my life mate here on Earth. The psychic said that my mate would be a red blood and she told me your name was Jace Logan” Sebastian says.
“A psychic predicted all of this?” I ask and I am amazed. Sebastian looks a little sheepish and I smile.
“Yes.” Sebastian says.
“This is a little hard to handle at the moment but I know you are telling me the truth.” I say as I listen to my gut and I trust it.
I ask Sebastian what we do now. Sebastian says he must heal first, of course he does, and then we will travel to Zander. I am shocked but I do not show it. I pretend to take all this in stride. I know I will adjust to all of this but it will take a little time. I just have to be patient. I am supposed to be this man’s mate. I am a little nervous about all of this but I have to be strong. Sebastian says he is looking forward to getting to know me. I am looking forward to the same thing. I am interested in this man, he is interesting, and this will be fun I decide.
We talk about Chase, who makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, but Sebastian wants to know why Chase attacked me. I take my time and I explain to Sebastian that Chase is a manipulative person who has formed an obsessive crush on me. Sebastian asks if I have any feelings for Chase and I laugh. I say the only feelings that I have for Chase is hatred. I despise Chase and I say that last night was my last night on carting Chase around. Sebastian is fuming that Chase tried to take advantage of me. I tell Sebastian it is not the first time that Chase has made a move on me but it will be the last time. I say that I plan on pressing charges when they find Chase. Sebastian thinks I should press charges. Sebastian says that what Chase did was dead wrong.
Parker knocks on the door and we tell him to come in. Parker enters the hospital room with a bunch of flowers. I offer my chair to Parker who declines the offer. Parker says Sebastian looks really good considering what has happened to him. I ask if they have found Chase yet and Parker says they have not but he could be hiding anywhere. The police will be posting a guard outside of Sebastian’s room just in case Chase decides to show up here. Sebastian tries to say that a guard is not necessary but Parker will not hear of it. I speak up and say that a guard is not a bad idea since Chase has stabbed and he tried to kill Sebastian. Chase has also tried to attack me. I do not tell Parker or Sebastian that I am afraid of Chase, that I am terrified that he will just show up at my house, and I am afraid he will do something worse to me. I am trying to put a brave face on and I just hope that they catch Chase. Sebastian gives in on the guard issue and he smiles at me. I am happy that Sebastian gave in on the whole guard thing for I really think the both of us need the assurance of nothing happening to either one of us.
Parker lines up the guard schedule and he waits with us until the guard arrives. Parker wonders where Sebastian is going to stay when he is discharged from the hospital. Before Sebastian can give an answer I say he will be staying with me. Sebastian wonders if I am absolutely sure about this and I reply that I am positive. I say if we are suppose to be mates then we better start to get to know each other. Sebastian agrees with me and so does Parker. The guard finally shows up forty-five minutes later and Parker gives him instructions. Parker explains the situation and the guard understands. Parker then leaves Sebastian and I alone.
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