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it is about how kids are using technology Continuously.

Most kids these days don't even know how to use a dictionary because "Google has it all" so they don't see it as a necessary skill. Look around at how many people are engrossed in their phones walking down the street, or while driving. Most accidents are caused by people using their phones while driving, whether it be for GPS, to get on Facebook or anything else. It's insane for some people to fathom how anyone ever lived without texting, GPS, and Google. Technology is a big help and a big problem. So how do we know when too much is too much when it comes to using all the technology we have today.
Basically you use technology from the minute you get up (your alarm clock) to the minute you go to sleep (music). What if it all one day disappeared? What would you be left with? Would you even be able to communicate with your friends or enjoy life at least? I think we should all focus more on reality than just the screen in front of our face!
It's true that technology was created to benefit us and make our life easier but there's a difference between helping us and taking over our lives. Technology has been incorporated in every single aspect of our life and nowadays we don't realise until it's gone. The against statement's saying "No, we need it" actually shows that we are in fact too dependent on technology. The fact that we *need* it is concerning since our race used to survive without it. And I completely agree that technology has benefitted us extremely greatly, but one day it can be the end of us. It's already ended some lives for example numerous car accidents, suicidal teens due to cyber bullying. Its worsening people's health as well, obese people have increased due to lack of exercise and excessive gaming. We need to start communicating face to face whenever we can and have a play outdoors. It's ironic how the majority of us are saying we are too dependent on technology but are in fact typing our for arguments on a computer.
As people we have become overly dependent on technology. We can't function if our phones crash, if our Wi-Fi is down then it is the end of the world for us. We wouldn't be able to survive without them which is concerning. This also brings up the issue of obesity that it causes. Technology has ruined us, we need to separate from it a little more.
         Men, women, and children especially have become overly dependent. It has evolved from using technology as a tool to a strict entertainment purpose. While it is still used as a tool, more people use it as an entertainment use. Whether it be video games, movies, shows, transportation, etc... People use it too much for the wrong purpose. There are in fact people who cannot go a day without the use of technology. One day, when the technological wonders we have created crash, the world will be in a panic not knowing what to do. This will occur because people have no basic survival skills which will be there demise. Technology is good at sometimes, I use it for entertainment purposes as well. However, this technology will not last forever. We must be prepared for what comes after the age of technology.
         I say technology is overused for it takes up time and your day. Or maybe your week. For now people go on social media more than they sleep. And well I know the downside because I use it to much so i want to keep you all from it. So I say yes.
Nobody cares about how the earth is changing, or how beautiful it is. How could they they are all on their phones, laptops, tablets, kindles, ECT. Most people text each other while in the same room. There is no human emotion when texting someone. Some people don't like phone calls they would rather text because they can do more than one thing at a time. Children are not learning how to solve problems when they can google a question and fine the answers to the whole page. Nobody's thinking for themselves anymore.
We spend so much time on our electronics. We rely so much on technology; waking us up, transportation, talking with our friends and family, doing school work. What would happen if we advanced our technology so much, and our phones, our computers, our cars got minds of there own? My phone would know that I trust it, and take advantage of that. Technology could take advantage of the world, and wipe out everything living!
That's why humans have been really dependent on technology.
By: Rashed
Grade 6 A

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