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Newsletter for the Happiness Box Project Initiative.
Summer 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the Happiness Box Initiative newsletter! Every quarter, I will update you on various aspects of the Initiative. I started the Happiness Box Initiative on 13 April 2018 after taking a mental health day from both jobs. I decided that self-care was priority on that lovely Friday and that's all I did for the entire day. I had my hair trimmed and braided, then after          feeding my body healthy gluten-free foods, I went roller skating and ran into a high school friend.

         Let me tell you, it was fun skating with Andrew. I was getting back in roller skating after taking the winter to ice skate. Andrew is a skateboarder and I loved watching him navigate the ramps. Laughing and catching up brought us happiness; through the laughs, that's when the Happiness Box Project Initiative was born. Happiness is best when shared with others, especially loved ones.
         On the last day of April, I wrote messages of gratitude for my RTI co-workers and gave them bags of muffins. Everyone loved the letters and treats. People feel better when they are appreciated and thought of. I did get a lot of hugs and by giving others joy, I was given joy in the process.          
         Since that Monday in April, morale has improved in the group. Also, co-workers have returned the favour either by writing their own gratitude notes or small handmade gifts that fill my Happiness Box. Sharing moments with others have not only made them happy, but I feel happier as well. I feel happiest when sharing with others than I do individually, though individual happiness is still important and high.
         I started the Initiative at the Upper Merion Township Library, my part-time job, and so far the same results are being seen--everyone is happier when appreciated or thought of. After I went to Atlantic City during Memorial Day weekend, I brought back postcards. I overheard one of the part-time reference librarians exclaim that she was surprised that someone was kind enough to give her a postcard. Who would have thought something as simple as a postcard would make someone so happy? Hearing her joy brought me joy that day.          
          I've been extending these random acts of kindness to strangers as well. Now that roller skating has begun at the River Rink, I've been treating people to skating since my insurance card allows up to four people free of charge. I see many happy children, especially when I show some children how to skate. Skating as a child always brought me joy and I'm happy that I can pass that on to other children. Skating also feels good and I try going every week.
         In the beginning of April, Action For Happiness reached out to their subscribers looking for volunteers to teach a course on happiness. I volunteered and connected with a local woman, Tanya, that was also interested. We were planning the classes and we were planning to meet face to face at the end of April, but I had to step back because of a health scare. I'm hoping to reach out to Tanya over the summer and see if we can meet in the autumn. I'm hoping by 2019, we can run a course about happiness.
         The Happiness Box Project Initiative is now on Instagram (@thehappinessboxproject), Twitter (@happinessbox16), and has found a home on Word Press. I keep up with the blog a few times per week, with a Thankful Thursday post every Thursday. I have gained a small following and I can't wait until my project grows even more. It feels like it has come a long way since I started this project as a happiness jar.
         My Happiness Box continues to grow and I can't wait to share progress with the Initiative and Box in the autumn. I hope that summer brings you adventure and joy. Until next time, remember to bring light wherever you go.          

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