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Family means love. Family makes us become one.
Friends are family and family means friends. Family means love. Family means home. A family is everything that we had in this world. They define us, they define who we truly are. They're the only ones who know the real you. No matter what happened, a family will serve as a wall that will protect you from any harm. They'll protect you from those people who are trying so hard just to see you get hurt.

Family means one, they work as one. They're just living in the same world, and in that world, they eat the same kind of food, drink the same kind of water, they all wear clothes. They share everything they had. It's ALL for ONE, ONE for ALL. But not all days are filled with happiness. Sometimes, life gets hard, and as days pass by, it gets harder and harder. Life is a game in which winning always matter for everyone. But for a family, winning comes second. First, they must know for themselves and with all their heart, how are they going to make it as a family until the end?.

This world is a very tricky place for all of us. And now, we can consider it a miracle if we happen to pass all these. But as a believer, I know that this can be done because we have them, our very own family. All we have to do is to call for them, to let them know that we need them. Because if we keep on taking this path with no one by our sides, we might end up alone and no one to hold on to.

Maybe, for some reasons, no one cares about what does family truly means. But also, for some reasons, I know some people who value their family so much more than anything. I know it because I can see something in their eyes that I haven't seen from anyone before. I can tell that they can define family not just by having a mother or a father or even siblings. I believe that a family, for them, it means everything regardless of the blood or even anything that can keep them apart. They're just friends but they are one, just like a family. They came from different worlds living their own lives, but for another reason, there are now people who are looking up to them and that is enough reason to bring them together and become one and for them to be more passionate about what they believe in. They became one because they believe in one another. They became one because they believe those people who look up to them, who trust them and believe in them.

These people are the reasons why I want to pursue my dreams more. They're the reasons why I want to be stronger and believe in my passion.

What I am hoping for is that they'll keep on taking the same path with no one being left behind. I hope that they'll keep on hearing those voices cheering and calling for their names. I hope that those people will become their wings as they fly and reach the brightest star or maybe, a rope to help them climb the highest mountain. And lastly, I hope that as they do that, they'll never forget who they truly are from the very beginning.

I believe in them.

I know that day will come and they have to make a choice. But for now, I believe in them. I believe in their love for those people. I trust their passion. I know that someday, they may take different roads but believing in their passion and trusting each other will bring them back together, no matter what it takes.

Maybe we can try to change our names, but we can never change the fact that family is a family. We may try to forget, but the heart always knows the truth. The heart never forgets.

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