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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2161632
A friendship that blooms for a short time.
I always dream of having someone by my side. I always dream of having someone who will make me happy at all times. I always dream of having someone to protect me at all cost. But as I continue to walk my path on this long road, I've met a friend who's at first, just looking at me and saying nothing at all. For that short period of time that we just stare and stare at each other, I knew that this one will be my friend, and so it did.

As time goes by, our friendship has deepened. This friend of mine always makes me happy, makes me laugh and wherever I go, he always follow me. I love the way he used to come to me and play with me. What makes me so happy and feel calm is that whenever I got home and open the door, I know that someone is already wagging his tail, running as fast as he can and waiting for me to come inside. All those times that has passed, we did nothing but to play and play and play. Between the two of us, I'm the one who always used to laugh, I'm the one who always talk and he just listen to what I say and I'm the only one who's always happy. All he can do is to make me that way. I do not know if he's happy enough doing those things with me. I cannot tell the things he likes. All I know is the things that I want. And then suddenly, the day that I'm most afraid to come has now come.
That very faithful day, I came home with a smile in my face, knowing that there's someone inside waiting for me. But suddenly, that someone who used to meet me by the front door is now at our backyard. There, he lies under the ground, resting in piece without even giving a sign of goodbye.

And from that day, I always wonder why he have to go so soon,,, and now I know. That friend of mine made all my dreams came true. I became happy, I was so happy to the point that I'm just only thinking of myself and my own happiness. that friend of mine made me so comfortable to the point that I forgot that this day will come. The day that he might leave me. The day that I'll dream of something again, and now, it happened again.. I now dream of becoming a loner. I dream of becoming a person who lives by her own without anyone to carry her, laugh with her or even protect her,, for if all that comes to her always leave so soon.....
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