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by brom21
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A servant of heaven must intervene to save three lost souls.
Brightness like seven white suns shone on the city of Nimithar. Stones of emerald-green light resonated from towering buildings. Streets of gold ran throughout the city. Beings with stork’s wings in shining white robes filled the angelic dwelling place.

In this place of eternal brightness, one of the beings was kneeling in the holiest temple, worshiping.

A voice like rushing waters echoed. “Euticus.”

The kneeling angel bowed his head. “Here I am God.”

“I am sending you to earth on a mission. Three souls are in desperate need of guidance. You are to speak to them of their sin and convert them.”

“But what of one of them rejects me?”

“Then you will be free of any responsibility.”

“When do I leave?”


“Yes Lord.”

Euticus went to earth through a portal. The first human he was to speak to was a rich, money loving businessman named Leroy Grant. The angel took the form of a doctor when Grant had to visit for his spine pain. “Hey, doc.”

“Hello, Leroy.”

“I’m doing great as usual. I’m on top of the world!”

“Are you really?”

“What?” said Leroy with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m no priest, but I know a thing or two about true happiness.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m talking about your soul Leroy.”

Leroy backed up. “Okay this is getting too deep.”

“Just hear me out.”

“Okay, but if this gets weird I’m leaving.”

“In your heart you idolize money,” said Euticus. “But in your heart there is a void.”

Leroy looked down and his right eye was tearing up.

“The only resolution is putting your faith in God and his Son.”

Leroy shook his head. “I’ve heard this before.”

“But not from someone like me.”

“So you’re saying I just need God and that will do it? I’m quite happy with my life.”

Euticus was silent. Then Leeroy began to sob. “Okay, I’m not happy. But I’m the last person God would want.”

“That’s not true. Just put your faith in Him. When you get home say a simple prayer to Him. He’ll listen. Ask Him into your heart.”

Leroy nodded, wiping off tears. “Thank you doc.” Leroy Grant exited the building with a smile.

For Euticus’ next mission, he took the form of a reporter. He was to talk to a rock star, named Levi Star. When he had gone backstage from a performance in Las Vegas, Euticus approached the entertainer. “Mr. Star, may I have a word?”

“Okay, but a short one.”

“How would you describe how your fans make you feel?”

“Ha, wonderful!”

“Do you ever wish you had even greater praise?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you could impress God himself, would you give everything to be famous in His eyes?”

“Say what?”

Euticus stepped closer. “I mean to offer you something. It is the chance to be admired as a star not for a short tour but to be a singer for God in heaven forever.”

“Whoa! Really!? But I like my life.”

“Someday you will die and it will all be gone.”

“If I were to agree, what would it take besides giving up all I have?”

“Simple faith in God and His Son.”

“This is all so tempting but…”

“You have my word that if you do give up your old life, you won’t regret it. Trust me. Here, take this Bible. If you decide to submit to God just pray to Him and ask him into your heart.”

Levi took the Bible. Hours later, when the audience seats were empty, Euticus saw Levi sitting with his head bowed and his hands together.

The angel’s last mission would be the hardest. John Cowl was a preacher – a corrupted one. On a cool Sunday, after Cowl had spoken, Euticus came to him. Euticus took the form of a fellow preacher.

“Mr. Cowl, may I have a word?”

“Certainly good sir!”

“Your congregation is quite generous about giving. It appears it is one of your highest sermon tenets.”

“Yep, there’s nothin’ better then givin’ to the Lord!”

“What happens to these funds if I may ask?”

Cowl’s beaming smile faded. “Oh, to certain important things.” He looked away.

“Money is it to be distributed to the poor and destitute. Is that where it goes?”


“You have a very fine car. How did you afford it?”

Cowl’s face turned red. “What are you getting at sir?”

“I’ve come to warn you John. Your soul is in grave danger. You make great pomp to appear holy before men and you give heed to extortion. Repent or God will judge you!”

John Cowl spewed curses at the angel. “How dare you judge me? Go back to your own church and leave me and my flock alone!” He stormed off and went to his car. It was over. He had made his choice. Next Sunday, when John was driving to church, a person coming toward him swerved into his lane and he and died instantly.

“I thank the Lord for these two souls that repented. As for John Cowl, he was the one that had strayed and got away.”

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