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Rated: E · Novel · Romance/Love · #2161672
Description of the novel and the music to go along with each chapter.
Maggie's Stapleton friends told her she was having a "Surprise" 61st Birthday Party, but they hid how they were going to celebrate it. She was not allowed anywhere near the Palm Acres Mobil Home Park Club House. The park was a 55 or older community, where people celebrated being older but not necessarily more mature. Maggie moved there eight years ago, after giving up her adored Beach Cottage. It had been too lonely after Jessie, her husband of 30 years passed away. She had plenty of friends, both female and male. Albert the man who lived across the small ribbon of a road which snaked its way through the park, was attentive, fun, and a good friend, although she knew he wanted more. Maggie was not looking for permanent male companionship. Her Birthday Party changed that, within a few bars of the birthday song. Was she brave enough to try and start over again?

Marshall Corrigan had found the life he was happy with. After being tossed out of the Seabees because he stood up for a fellow Sailor, he had joined his best friend running Bailey's Escort Service. They offered protection, accompaniment to different venues, and chuffer services. Anything they did off the clock was totally up to each member of the organization but not sanctioned by the business. There was always a starting time and ending time stated in each contract. Marshall was happy with his occasional hookup and always safe. He had never found anyone he felt enough of a connection with to make it a permanent arrangement. As he walked out of the kitchen of the Palm Acres Mobil Home Park Club House, his skin prickled and his heart skipped a beat. The vision sitting at the head table just might change his thoughts on the future. Too bad she was twenty years his senior and would never consider him old enough to be with her and her friends. Or would she?

Music List
It has always amazed me how music talks about life and pegs everyday wants, needs and experiences. I have decided to add a song to each of my chapters in the hopes it sets the mood. Hope you enjoy the list.

Chapter 1: Only Time by Enya

Chapter 2: It's A Grand Night for Singing from the movie County Fair, 1945

Chapter 3: Forever In Love by Kenny G.

Chapter 4: Dancing With Trouble
Song: Rock Me Gently by Andy Kim (original artist)

Chapter 5: Second Chances
Lady In Red by Chris de Burgh

Chapter 6 - Not the Truth
I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts

Chapter  7- The Whole Story
Listen To Me by Buddy Holly

Chapter8 - Stay Away
Don't Give Up On Us Baby by David Soul

Chapter 9 - Never Staying Away
Say Something I'm Giving Up On You by Christina Aguilera

Chapter 10 - Together Forever Begins 
Eternal Flame - the Bangles

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