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Rated: E · Fiction · Animal · #2161674
A short story about a dog, who still watches even though he's long gone.
"What is she doing?" tilting his head to the side in a quirked manner. "She has been down in that back a while now, she knows she cannot do that alone." Max frowned as he watched her try and pick up those pecans that clearly could have waited a few days. She had been working 5 days straight. Max could still smell her exhaustion and knew when she needed to rest.

The middle aged woman picked up her head, smiled. Max walked slowly toward the old shed and kept his distance as he laid near by. The new breed did not understand her like he did. They were always full of energy and over excited. Holly was especially too rambunctious. That is how those half breeds were though. Honey sometimes knew to slow down some, but not like him. No one took care of her like he did. He watched and waited. "Hopefully the boy or the girl will come help soon. Ah, there he is."

"Mom. What are you doing?" her son said a bit frustrated.

"I am picking up pecans." she said assuredly. Almost a bit too cheerfully, she began humming, and started picking them up again.

"MOM! I said I was coming." he said grabbing a nearby bucket.

"I know, I just wanted to get started." she said showing him the halfway full bucket of her own. She was in such a good mood. It almost made her son wonder if there was anything else going on.

"That silly boy. Could have come out the first time, I am sure the misses called him a while ago."

Holly excitedly ran and jumped to see Jack. Jack was her best friend and she really missed him. Even though he was outside a mere hour ago, it seemed like forever. Holly just really loved him. She jumped on him so hard that it made him stumble. He did not realize how close he was to his mother, because she also began to stumble. In that moment Max let go of everything he was told and ran as fast as he could. He had to save the misses. He forgot for those few seconds everything that had happened. He just needed to keep her from falling.

And for some reason she did not fall. She stumbled backwards and almost fell but she did not. She could almost feel as if there had been something there that had caught her. She regained her composure within those seconds. She smiled big.

"Mom!?" Jack asked surprised and worried. "Are you okay?" he had watched the whole thing and it looked almost like she stumbled then tripped just in time to keep from falling. It was kind of weird he thought.

"Yeah. I am fine. I am perfectly fine." her smile widened and her body felt warmth from within her heart. She had not felt this way in years. She knew it was him. It was her Max. She knew her Max had been watching over her. She almost wanted to cry as her face became flush. She dearly missed him. "I need to go inside, maybe get some tea." she said.

Jack went over and patted his mom on the back. "Why don't you take a rest. You did just work 5 days straight, for crying out loud." he laughed.

"I might." she said.

She finished up the tea, and decided that since she only had 2 days off, that she might just go sit in her chair a bit. Before she knew it, she had fell asleep.

The day must have slipped away from her because sun appeared to be going down as the grass and flowers had a new orange tint. What she did not understand was how she got in a field of wild flowers to begin with. It was a nice cool evening,though, so she did not complain too much.

*Bark* *Bark*

She crooked her brows to meet her nose in confusion "Why that sounds like my max.?" then from the end of the field she saw him running, tongue hanging out, happily toward her. 'IT IS!" "IT IS HIM!" She squealed like a school girl. She too began to run toward him. "My Max! Oh I have missed you so much!"

"MISSES" he barked "I have missed you too!" he barked and licked her face profusely. "Oh how you have gotten yourself into a lot of crazy things mam!" he barked and would have laughed if a dog could laugh.

"I am glad you're okay" she whispered to him, as the night began to ease in.

He whimpered a little and rubbed his head against her as he barked "Yes. I am okay. " and licked her face again.

She took his head in between her hands and looked him in the eyes as she kissed his furry for-head. "I love you Max, my little fur baby"

"I love you too Misses. And I am always watching over you. Always." he barked and whimpered with a happy reassuring smile. It was as if she heard and understood what he had said as she began to cry. The night eased in even more, as Max began to fade. She had also begun to hear her son Jack in the living room calling out to her.

"Mom" Jack waited "mom wake up"

More tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled big. She was happy. "Always" he spoke to her in the clouds of a Labrador sky.

She woke to her son and the night sky out the window.

"Mom. You okay? I think you slept the evening away?" he chuckled trying to make her smile.

"I am fine son. I am just more tired then I thought I was, How about you help me get supper on to cooking. I'll be there in a minute."

"Alright mom. " Jack said, heading toward the kitchen.

She picked up her tea, walked to the window. She could almost see her Max looking down and watching her from the clouds of a Labrador sky. Always she thought to herself as she began to hum and made her way to the kitchen.

~word count~ 1,030
© Copyright 2018 Velicity Phoenix (velicityx at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2161674