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Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2161699
Just a story idea I've been kicking around, not sure where it's going exactly
Nikora jumped from her hiding place among the statutes that lined the roof of the church. Her cold grey eyes locked on the rooftop below. She ran and leapt down, landing with a roll. While rising to her feet, Nikora found the outline of a trap door recessed into the roof. Moving next to it she knelt down and laid her right hand on the door. Closing her eyes in concentration her hand began to glow a soft blue and in her mind she could see the mechanism that made up the lock. With a smile forming on her soft lips she started to manipulate the pins in the lock. Easier than making a cocktail, she thought while moving her hand to the door's handle and pulling up to reveal a ladder leading into darkness. She moved down the ladder making sure to pull the trap door closed and locking it. Once she got to the bottom of the ladder she found herself in a closet.

Opening the door revealed a bedroom. In the middle of the room was a large bed with a few pillows tossed about on it. Directly opposite from the bed was a dresser with a small jewelry box along with a picture on top. Quickly looking around she formed a fist with her right, causing it to glow faintly, it was enough for her to see but not enough to light up the whole room. She moved to the dresser and opened the jewelry box revealing a number of rings and earrings. She quickly grabbed the box and dumped it into the bag that hung at her side. She then looked around wondering if there was more to take. This was a bust, oh well, she thought as she headed back into the closet and out the trapdoor. On the roof again, she looked around to find a way down to the street, and leapt to a smaller building and climbed down the drain.

The next morning, Nikora woke up taking in the messy state of her bedroom. A sad smile formed on her lips as she looked over at a picture of her parents on her nightstand. Rising to her feet, she looked over at the small bag on the chair that held the items from her late night excursion. Two hours later, she stepped out of her house into the morning light. Walking up the street towards the red light district she wondered how her parents would feel about her chosen path. At least I didn't end up on my back she thought as she passed a brothel. Finding "Finnegan's Finds", she walked causing a bell above the door to ding. The balding man behind the counter looked up from the tray of rocks and smiled seeing who it was.

"Good morning Nikora, and what do you have for me today?" He said moving the tray under the counter.

"A few rings and earrings Finn. " She answered dumping the objects out of the bag on the counter.

"How much are you expecting?" He asked while sorting the items.

"A fair price."

"I see, will twenty-five sliver work?" He answered.

"I was wanting fifty." She responded.

"Ha, how about you take thirty and I'll ignore the fact that you're taking advantage of my good nature?" Came the counter offer as he folded his arms across his chest.

Letting out an exaggerated sigh she nodded in agreement. He bent down and then reappeared with the coins. She quickly grabbed them as if Finn would take them back.

"Good doing business with you." He said moving the items out of sight.

She gave him a wave as she walked out into the city. Heading into the trade district, from the sounds of shop keepers selling and the noise of shoppers she could tell the city had awaken.

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