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Elizabeth Turner and her class is going on a field trip and something happens to Elizabeth
"Everyone should be on the bus by now!" The teacher yells and the chatter on the bus makes it hard to hear her. I sit in an empty seat by the window and press my face against it. It feels cool and I notice that there are white flakes sticking to the ground. Suddenly, a voice startles me and I turn around quickly. I notice a boy with brown hair and green eyes who asks,
"Is this seat taken?" I hide my right hand hoping that the boy wouldn't notice.
"No, you can sit here," I shift uncomfortably, "I'm Elizabeth Turner." As the boy sits down, I notice that he has Cerebral Palsy just like me. I smile and uncover my hand, the boy takes my good hand and squeezes it. He says,
"I'm James Carter." James and I continue to talk and noticing that we have a lot in common.
"Man, that snow is coming down super fast, I hope we can arrive safely." I hear the teacher murmur.
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