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A young inexperienced mage is put under a geas that brings him half a world away to danger
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The Powers Of Haddenspor

Tower Of The Elements

Tafon slung the bag which contained his few possessions over his shoulder and with an air of confidence he would not have credited himself less than a year ago sauntered down the gangplank. He took one look back over his shoulder at the Kolo Duck; captain Jessy stood on deck watching him leave, giving a nod of his head, all the farewell he would get from the captain even though he asked him only a short while ago to stay on as his first mate. Tafon acknowledged the nod with a wave before turning once more to look around the dockside. He sighed, like a man happy to return to dry land. The Kolo Duck had been his home for several months now, and although he had taken well to a life at sea, it felt good to have solid ground under his feet and to see faces other than the crew again.

None of this though took away from that feeling of dread, and anger that nagged at him. The thing that brought him here half a world away to Haddenspor somewhere not far away now, someone or something he was not sure which waited. Waited for him, had compelled, forced him to leave his home. He had not realised at the time just what was happening to him. Already an outcast in his village for using magic lore which had been forbidden by the elders. Tafon had not seen any harm in it at first all he had done was use a little magic here and there only small things which he thought had gone unnoticed. Now it seemed he was paying for his sins. It was shortly after he had been caught using magic that he first felt the geas on him. At first, he had tried to ignore it until the compulsion became too loud for him to ignore any more. When he had set out, he thought it some urgent plea for help that his use of magic had somehow sensed. Then he met an old witch woman in Janolo that told him someone had put a geas on him. She had tried to lift it without success, in the end, she said the only one who could is the one who put the geas upon him.
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