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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2162009
A Family goes on a Ghost Hunting Adventure.
Jenna looking at her phone in the back seat, Michael, Jenna's brother is driving, Megan his wife is next to him in the passenger seat. Kevin, Cassie, and Kylee is also in the back. Radio is playing a song. They drive down an old abandon road with nothing but woods around.

Michael says with excitement in his voice "So you guys ready to hunt some ghost, "

Jenna rolled her eyes, "you know brother i love you but, sometimes i worry about you, we all know ghost are not real."

Kevin looks over at his mother ,Jenna "I guess i need help to mom, I saw a ghost, when i went last time with Michael and Megan."

Jenna laughs "Well until you guys can show me a ghost, i think you all might need help."

Michael pulls up to an old abandon house built in 1850. "We're here!" he say with great excitement.

Kylee replied "finally maybe you could drive a little faster next time all the ghost probably heard you a mile away and left."

Megan replied " yeah we need to get a new car but this old thing has took us many miles."

Kevin looks over at Cassie,he noticed the fear in her eyes as she looked out the window. "Don't worry babe, i'll keep you safe,"

Cassie replies, "This places looks really creepy." with a sense of fear in her eyes.

Jenna opens the door and gets out looks back at Cassie "This place isn't creepy just old." Jenna starts to walk toward the house, Michael runs and grabs her arm. "Ouch" Jenna looks at her brother "That hurts and don't you ever grab my arm like that again " and she jerks her arm away.

Michael looks at his sister and says "the first rule of ghost hunting is we go together, you do realize ghost can possess you." He turns away and starts walking back to the car to the get the ghost hunting equipment .Kylee follows her uncle back to the trunk of the car.

"You still think bringing her was a good idea" Kylee said . Taking one of the cases with the ghost hunting equipment .

Michael exclaimed " we will just have to watch her since she is a beginner." Kylee and Michael head back to the front of the car and join the group. "So you guys ready to do some ghost hunting ," Michael asked ?

Megan looks at her husband and says "I was just filling your sister in about all the do's and don't of ghost hunting ."

Right i need to stay with the group because the ghost might get me and take control of my body "Laughed Jenna . "Whatever lets do this so i can prove to all of you ghost are not real."

They continue to walk toward the house ,Cassie is holding tight to Kevin with such fear in her eyes . The group make it to the front door of the house . Cassie pulls Kevin back, he looks at Cassie and says " Don't worry i told you i'd take care of you ." They catch back up with the rest of the group

Michael reaches for the door knob starts to turn it and as the squeaky old door opens they walk inside to to a hallway. They hear a loud thump Cassie screams.Michael turns to her, putting his finger to his lips telling her to be quiet .

Jenna whispers " It sounds like its coming from the other side of the door ."

Michael looks at her and replies ," You think ." he continues to open the door as Jenna rushes by him leading into the next room ,he shakes his head then he hears her scream and she came running back into the room passing all the other members of the team . Michael heads after her yelling her name . The remaining team just looks at each other and proceeds to the room .

Michael catches up with her and say" What is your problem ? "

Jenna looked white as a ghost with a frighten look in her eyes and in a shaky voice replies " A man was hanging in there."

That's what we call a ghost,now look what you did we need to get back to the others," Michael say.

Michael and Jenna walk back in the house. When they get back to the room . Jenna is looking frantic ,"where did he go he was right there ."

Michael had a frighten look on his face and said "nevermind him where is everyone else , they were right here ."

Jenna looks up at Michael still frighten from before and said "What do you mean ,where are my kids ." She runs over to Michael and says frantically " You got to find them they couldn't have went far ." Jenna walks through the house yelling everyone's name Michael chases after her .

The rest of the group is standing there calling out Jenna's and Michael's name repeating over and over "we are right here ."

Cassie looks at Kevin and says with fear" Why can't they hear us , are we dead , did the ghost get us , Kevin you promised to protect me." Kevin grabs Cassie and tells her " Calm down your not dead , we are fine there has to be some explanation for this ."

Megan replies " what is it Kevin ,we are calling for them and they can't see us are hear us , this has never happen before."

Kylee is standing in the corner laughing.

Megan looks toward her and says " what is your problem ,you think this is funny, whats your theory ."

Kylee shines the flashlight on her face laughing hysterically and looks at Megan and says " Maybe they're tired of looking at your ugly face."

Kevin looks over at his sister and says " Don't talk to her like that , Kylee ."

Kylee looks over at Kevin " Kylee is taking a nap right now Lola is in charge " she then laughs wickedly.

Kevin looks at Kylee and give her a stern look and says " Stop being stupid , this is serious Mom and Uncle Michael can't see us."

Cassie shakes her head and replies " this is not the times for games Kylee ."

Kylee shines the light in her face and says " You all need to chill out ,i'm just trying to ease the tension in here."

Megan looks at Kylee and says " your not doing a very good job ." Kylee rolls her eyes.

Jenna and Michael continue searching the house looking for the others and suddenly they hear a vehicle . Jenna and Michael look at each other and walk outside and they see a white truck pulling up . Jenna noticed it was her son John and her nephew Hunter . They walk to meet the boys .

John looks at his mom and can tell she is upset and says" so is everything OK , we started worrying about you guys and Hunter insisted on checking out you ."

Hunter notice the others where not with them " So where is everyone else, he asked ?"

Jenna replied " We don't know they were here one minute and the next they were gone."

The rest of the group is standing in the Hallway making lots of noise hitting walls , knocking thing over trying to get their attention , Kylee looks at the group grabs Cassie's hand and replied " stop their not going to hear you ."

Kevin starts looking around and Cassie notices he had a strange look on his face . She replied , " Kevin are you ok ?"

Kevins looks at Cassie and says "Where is Megan , she was here a minute ago ?"

Kylee looked at Kevin and said " Maybe she decided to take a walk ."

Cassie turns and looks at Kylee and say " so your mom and her husband can't see us or hear us and Megan is just going to go take a walk ." shaking her head at Kylee and says " I don't think so ."

All of a certain Cassie , Kevin and Kylee hear a noise it sounded like a chair being knocked over it was coming from the kitchen where it all started. Kevin and Cassie went running into the room and they hear a sound like someone was gasping for air as they run to the Kitchen , they see Megan hanging from a rope barely breathing . Kevin hurried to get her down and begins CPR.

Cassie is yelling " Is she alive ?" Megan begins to cough

Kylee walks into the room looks at Megan " So you ok ?"

Megan responded still trying to get her breath " What do you think i was hanging from the freaking ceiling . "

Cassie kneels down next to Megan " so what happen ?"

"I was there with you guys and then i was here hanging from the ceiling ." Megan replied in a raspy voice .

Kylee looks at Kevin ," Could you go get her some water," and she kneels down next to Megan .

Kevin replied , "I would love to if you could tell me where to get some ."

Cassie replied " I'm just glad your ok, you had us scared , i guess we need to get back to figuring out why Michael and Jenna can't hear us ."

Cassie raises up and turn and calls for Kevin and he doesn't respond so she calls his name again . She looks over at Kylee and says " Something must be wrong , Kevin's not responding ."

"He is probably trying to scare us, as if we are not already freaked out enough ." Kylee said

Cassie walks off calling Michael's name and Megan gets up off the floor and picks up an old knife that was laying on the Kitchen table and her and Kylee exchange evil smiles and start walking toward Cassie . Cassie turns to look toward the girls and says " I can't find Kevin he is just gone ." She then notices Megan coming toward her with a knife and starts backing away " Whats going on ," she asked

she starts calling for Kylee as she run away from Megan ,and she runs in to Kylee and turns around saying " something is wrong with megan she's got a knife . "

Kylee looks at Cassie and says " You mean like this one ," holding up another knife .

Megan catches up to them and says " she is little faster then i expected."

Kylee looks at Megan with an evil grin on her face " Do you really think she will be a good addition to our gang?"

Megan replied ," with a little work ."

Cassie looks at Kylee with a shaken voice , " Stop Kylee your freaking me out ."

Kylee smiles at Cassie and says, "You really should learn to listen better i told you Kylee is taking a nap ,Just call me Lola ."

Cassie looks at Megan and says, " Please stop , your really scaring me.."

Megan shook her head " Now why would i do that this so much fun ," she walks over to Cassie and puts her hand on her face and smiles and says " So how would you like to be powerful and strong like a god." Both Kylee and Megans eyes turn black and they disappear in a cloud of black smoke.

© Copyright 2018 Tn Holly (tnholly at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2162009