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A Group of Young Anthro Animals discover an Alien Game Show. Ninja Turtle Cameo
The Game of Alien Tales was a very interesting one. An Alien would claim to have written a book that may have been written a book that may have been written by an Earthling, and Caesar's Job as the Earthling Contestant was the prove the Aliens were despicable pretenders.

The Young Chimp's eyes glistened and he licked his lips with anticipation.

"Caesar..." Zeb said as she tugged at his sleeve "...We shouldn't be here...If Bob finds us here...Touching his computer...He'll eat us alive!" Caesar pushed the Zebra Filly's hand away as he ran the cursor over the different Alien panelists, under each Alien's name was the book they claimed to have written. The only book Caesar recognized was 'The Wizard of Oz' By....'Flaak of Seegullz'....Seriously? The Alien plagiarist in question looked like a cross between a palm tree...And a gummy worm. He clicked choosing his opponent.

"Julia!" Caesar turned to the Spotted Hyena Cub "Matoaka has a copy of Wizard of Oz, run to her bunk and get it!" Julia saluted "Aye Aye, Captain Caesar!" She said with a Hyena laugh and she ran to get it.

Zeb scowled. She was the lead mare of this Herd! Caesar was subverting her leadership again! Her ears folded back and she stamped her hoof. Julia came back with the Oz Book.

"With Julia's night vision, she can read in the dark!" Remarked Rye the Giant Anteater Cub

"Yeah..." Julia squirmed "...But I'm still learning how to read...Caesar's still the best reader out of all of us."

"I can read the book..." Caesar said after he read the instructions to the first round game 'To Tale the Truth' "Just hold it to the light of the computer..." Julia placed the book next to the mouse pad so Caesar was able to turn to the page he needed to answer a question.

The game lasted all night long but Caesar won the game and proved 'Flaak of Seegullz' didn't write The Wizard of Oz Caesar was choosing the prize he wanted for winning the round when the Mutant Cubs heard the door fly open!

They turned and saw Raphael standing there, looking even more menacing with his many scars and eye patch! Caesar quickly turned off the computer hoping Raphael's half blind state would render him unable to see they had been playing with Bob's computer...Actually...Caesar knew it was only himself who had been doing that.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2162056