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Brief book reviews for the "Monthly Reading challenge"
1.. 20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak (A library eBook from Overdrive)

This is a special kind of How To book. It describes Herb Teas listed from A to Z. Before it gets around to the end chapters about specific teas it describes how teas are grown, used, and made. Personally I think this is one of the most specific books I have ever read about tea. It also gives warnings about how teas can affect you and side affects you may experience. As time goes on this will be an excellent reference for health. Many medications are made and drawn from herbs and plants. More people are going to this type of medicine. It isn’t as speedy as using a needle to put the meds into the blood stream but it is being used just the same. So, as a health issue this book has a lot of practical information. “The Most effective ways to Benefit from Natures Healing Herbs.” Check out the references at the end of the book for a good look at practical information.

2.Blood Orchids by Toby Neal (An eBook from Amazon)

This is a series so you will be able to enjoy the characters in an ongoing way. The main character is a young Hawaiian police officer that is taking the proper steps to become a police detective. Along the way she has a few skirmishes with bad people. She gains friends and loses friends as the story progresses.

For the animal lovers there is a well trained dog that acts as a body guard for the young women and helps her in her investigations.

The story moves along quite swiftly and is entertaining. There is lots of social entertainment in the descriptions of the people, nature, and language. Especially check out the use of pidgin language as they change from every day contact to friendly contacts in, in depth language use.

3.Healing Knee Cartilage Naturally by Linda Hudson (an Amazon eBook)

This book is not just about Tea but does take in other types of herbs. It tells what can be used naturally to help with the pain of injury without using drugs.

James A. Duke is quoted within the first pages of the book, “Almost always, if we find pharmaceuticals doing the trick, we’ll find a plant doing the same trick.”

Different plants, roots, and leaves are shown in pictures within the book. Amounts to use, how long to continue treatment, and other suggestions are found within the pages for each specified suggestion. Even fish and milk products are covered. Each picture helps highlight the accompanied instructions.

Don’t give up the medical practice? This book intends to add to your medical knowledge which helps everyone cope with day to day living.

4. Heel Your Knees by Robert Klapper & Linda Huey ( an eBook from Amazon)

I will always keep a copy of this in my library. It was worth every penny I spent on it. It is written by an orthopedic surgeon. “How to prevent knee surgery & what to do if you Need it.” The first chapter starts right out giving practical advice about combating injury and pain.
All of the chapters give the smallest advises needed to delve into this subject in a practiced manner. The last chapters tell exactly what to expect in different types of surgery.

There are pictures throughout the book explaining how the knee joint looks and works under your skin. It also shows how the muscular structure is attached and how to find different types of injuries. The pictures were part of the special instructions and aided in understanding.

Personally, as I finished reading this book I felt that the general public would find this book very informative if it was read before you start to age after 50. Many athletics deal with knee injuries as well as when you age knee injuries can be a sudden disturbing attack on health and well being.

The authors have also written a book about hip injuries. The authors advocate no surgery unless absolutely necessary and the book tells why many surgeries could be avoided and how injuries should be treated to return knees to good health without surgery whenever possible. There are different land work and water work that is specified in returning the knee to good health and relieving the pain of a knee injury.

5. A Young Lawyer’s Story by John Ellsworth (an Amazon eBook)

An interesting story that tells how a young man got his start as a lawyer after law school ended. This is a story that includes government offenses, a trial, spies, the FBI and other characteristics of a serial story being formed. It is all there in the story. The school loans and how to pay them back, meeting up with high officials of government and how to pay them back, learning about spying; trying not to get paid back, meeting the girl of your dreams and figuring out how to not let her pay you back, and other assorted scenarios that probably don’t happen to all graduates of law school.

It’s a good story for a reading on a hot summer day. It has some moral value and explores ethics as well. It keeps the mind busy as you turn pages and wonder what next? This is book number one in a series. The story starts in Washington D.C. and ends in Orbit, Illinois. I just hope this is totally fiction. Some of the experiences this author wrote for his character are bizarre.

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