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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2162123
When he is pushed to the brink, he will make decision that are very rash and unwise.
Why would they say that?

Why would you do this?

Why? The questions rang in his mind. Why? Tick tock goes the clock, but why? Light shines but why? The knife gleamed in the light, as he held it aloft. Its polished surface was nice and clean, a good sight to see. Thoughts pounded in his head, as he gazed transfixed at the knife. Why would they say such things about me? I am not stupid, I am not retarded, neither am I autistic.

Yet they still said these things about him. And they bothered him, they made his head throb, and that was the pain that he wanted to end. It would end. Just a bit longer, and it would end. A sensation started running through him as he stood with the knife held over his head, a sense of fear, yet triumph. Is this what most people felt before a death? His legs shook.

Was he really going to go through with this? He felt a bit scared, adrenaline pumping through his veins. His fingers were pulled so tight around the knife, that a dull pain shot through his arm. The color white adorned his knuckles, the same color that was slapped on American wedding dresses. Feeling flooded through his body and mind, coursing through his veins, reaching every part of his body.

He was confused but at the same time certain of himself. His blood pumped fast, everything in his body was tight, with tension. The knife flashed in the lights, its silver sheen was blinding. Looking at the knife, he considered his options. A rope lay on the pool table in the game room, his father had been working on something in that room. It would be quick and painless, a quick snap on the neck and it would all be over, all the pain, death would equal no pain.

Pondering on the subject made his head spin, death, the ultimate pain would lead to no pain. All that filled his mind was stripping this mortal flesh, these cords that bound him to this painful life. Pain. It was everywhere, and why should he have to endure it? Looking again at the rope, he thought otherwise, it was quite ridiculous. It was not worthy, he needed to feel pain, the last pain he would ever feel.

Looking at the balcony that overlooked the forest that jutted out from the hill, he thought about falling. Falling might be nice, it would give him lots of time to think about what he has done and think about the final pain that will ensue. Then again, the ledge is not that high, he might not die if he did not fall the correct way. Also, he would not feel the pain, it would still be instant, even if he thought about it all the way down, he would still only feel instant pain, non-lasting pain, just a quick snap of the neck, or spine, and then nothing, blank.

Metal meets flesh. Shock, pain, worry. All these things and more filled Mikes face, the pain was unreal, horrible pain that coursed through his body. He looked up at his attacker, Robby. Pleasure adorned Robby's face, flushed with red pride, he had done it. Mike screamed into the blanket gag, trying to scream away the pain. It coursed through him like it was apart of him like the knife had punctured his skin, and the pain had mixed with his blood and was now coursing through him to all reaches of Mike's body.

"Bet you regret all those things that you said now, don't you Mike, hah you never thought I would do something like this did you, you thought I was weak and scrawny, but when your sleeping you are even more so." A wicked smile spread like wildfire across Robby's face. To think that Robby has made it this far, he had been planning this for months, and it went off without a hitch. Sneaking into Mikes bedroom, then gaging and tying him, then bringing him back here.

"Mhhhhhmm" Mike screamed into the blanket covering his mouth.

"Oh, let me help you with that, unlike you, I do want to hear what you say," Robby said in a voice dripping with malice. He yanked the knife from Mikes flesh, sending another shot of pain coursing through Mikes body. Then in one motion swung the knife up and through both the blanket and Mike's tender tissue.

"AAAHHH." A scream escaped Mikes' mouth. "Robby you don't h-have to do this, p-please."

"Hahahahaha, its so funny that you would say that now, of course, you would, its standard human preservation, now that I am the one holding the knife you want forgiveness, you would have never asked before, oh this is the turn of events that I wanted, that I wanted to badly, all those times that you poked fun at me, and hurt me, its so sweet." Robby ranted on, with hatred in his eyes.

"R-Robby please, don't."

"Roddy don't what? Don't carry out Justice? This is Justice, this is what I deserve." Mike tried to scream again, but Robby swung the knife straight into Mikes' throat. All that came out of Mike was a strange gurgling noise. The pain was unreal to Mike he had never felt anything like this before, his throat was burning with fire, he tried to let out another noise but nothing happened, his esophagus had collapsed. No sound would ever come out of Mikes' mouth again.

Pleasure flooded Robby's feelings, this is what he had wanted for so long, everything to be fair again. Mike was getting what he deserved he had no right to make Robby feel the way that he had, alone, afraid, scared to be at school. All these things were caused by Mike, all his fault. Robby took another stab at Mike, but this time pain did not spread over his face. His nerves must be shutting down, Mike was no longer in pain.

"That's not fair, you need to feel more pain, to understand what you made me go through," Robby yelled. "You mu-AGH."

Pain shot through Robby's body, a shocked expression splashed across his face. What had happened? He looked down and beheld a round little bullet hole in his chest. Dead center. Dead. Center. Who had shot him? Nobody was home, and nobody should be anywhere around here. They live in the country. Robby forced his body to turn around even through the pain. Behind him was his sister.

"A-A-Abby?" Robby sputtered out.

"Why?" That was the only word that spilled out of Abby's mouth before she broke down sobbing. In her hands was her fathers Glock, she released it and back away from it sobbing as if it was on fire and she had to get as far away as possible. Tears leaked down her face and pooled beneath her, her throat began to hurt as she began to scream. She had shot her brother.

"Abby, what are you doing here? You were supposed to b-be at a p-party." Robby questioned, it was becoming harder to talk, his chest hurt so bad.

"It was c-canceled, s-s-so I came h-h-home, home t-to find MY BROTHER MURDERING SOMEONE." She screamed out. When she finished her sentence, she bent over crying. "NOW I HAVE MURDERED MY BROTHER."

"Don't worry sis, it will be ok," Robby reassured her.

"W-w-what do you mean?" She said as she looked up at him. Before she could even blink, the handle of a knife was protruding from her chest. Surging pain sparked in Abby's chest and flowed through her body, setting of nerves likes landmines where ever it went. Shocked filled her lung so she could not scream, then she slumped over pain and shock now mixing, then she passed out, never to awake again.

"J-j-jus-stice a-always w-wins." With those final words, Robby Mores fell face down looking at his sister. Then he died, blood pooling around him, and mixing with the blood of Mike Gains, the former school bully.


"He will make a good agent." A low broad voice whispered.

"Yes, Robby reacted well to the simulation, it to bad he had to get injured, let's take him back and patch him up."

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