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This is chapter #24 of The Quest for Home, my NaNoWriMo novel for November 2017.
Face of D'Oso, greatest Place,
Home within His heart.
Lasting Day is filled with Grace,
nevermore to part.

One Last Eternal Song

"Now, it's my turn to guide your life's processional, openly," D'Oso smiled. "Please, keep singing, Quest. I'm going somewhere with this."

"Alright, Sir," Quest responded. "I have been thinking of a new song in the last little while. It has been bubbling up from the depths of my soul."

"By all means. Sing away."

"Daily life and daily hope
are found in You, alone.
"Daily love like daily soap
have cleansed me as I've grown.

"My Home I've found in D'Oso's heart.
I need not look, again,
"For rest I need could never start,
before He cleansed from sin.

"What homely life and homely soul
were bound inside of me.
"What daily strife, 'twas never whole
and never was I free.

"My Home I've found in D'Oso's face.
My rest is ever sure.
"His kindness brought to me such Grace,
so Holy and so Pure."

"Oh! I like that, Quest!" D'Oso shouted. "We must share that with the Family right this very minute!" His enthusiasm increased as his words became thunderous and as the ground shook like Quest had only known twice before.


The crescendo of voice coincided with the creation of an entirely new form. Aslan had expanded and darkened, morphing into that sickly black Mist that in some ways had resembled a Black Hole on Earth.

Recognition invaded Quest's heart, capturing the space once occupied by fear. Now, that real estate was the jurisdiction of loving peace.

It's true that once more Quest was spinning and spinning and spinning,...seemingly without end, but now there was the enjoyment of the ride, where once there had been the agony of helplessness and lack of control. Physically, he had no more control than he had had before, but finally, he had been restored to the state of Adam before the Fall. Trust of D'Oso Reimi releases the heart from the need to know truth and control circumstances apart from the Master of all Existence.

The dark black spinning gave way to purples then dark blues then light blues and bright greens. The Christmas trees were seen in the spinning maelstrom along with Santa Claus and other pleasant and familiar hopes from his childhood, but this time the spinning slowed as loving faces from Quest's heart became real and more tangible by the moment. Ossie and Casa and Ethelene and Carl were there. The blurs of face became real people as the spinning slowed to a stop as they and Quest ran to meet in the middle of a great white sandy beach on the edge of a pure, clean, clear blue ocean.

They cried and laughed and danced and lived in their forever Home.

Quest began to sing and they all joined him in singing the great old gospel song, written by, L. E. Singer,
"...But just think of stepping on shore-And finding it Heaven!
"Of touching a hand-And finding it God's!
"Of breathing new air-And finding it celestial!
"Of waking up in glory-And finding it home!"

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