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This is just an encouragement article to people out there. I pray it helps someone.
From the bewildered look people give you when they see you, to the many questions like, “what
happened to your face? What are you eating? What have you started applying on your face?” and the
numerous questions one encounters, that discomfit someone with acne. This is to remind you that you
are still very beautiful, best believe.
I decided to write this after I have experienced it myself, like they say, you don’t get to know the
intensity of something or a situation, until you have gone through it yourself. So, earlier this year, I woke
up one day, and as usual, washed my face, then I realized that a part of my face was a bit rough looked
into the mirror and boom, my face had a break out. Nothing really stresses a lady like a face break out,
ladies can conquer with me in this; there and then I was on Google(the answer to everything,lol),
searching for all ways to stop a face break out. That specific day I found a part of my face with a break
out, I applied and made a list of natural things I should have and should apply. The next day, I wake up,
and the break out is spreading, even after trying out the stuff Google advised me ;-(, it continued like
that, getting worse, and little did I know, my entire face had a break out.
The journey wasn’t easy, but it really taught me a lot, I must confess. I was on YouTube every single day
watching tutorials, on Google searching for ways to stop acne and also products I heard and I didn’t
know how they looked or worked. I tried seeking advices from people and I was told all sorts of things to
do with my face, until a friend of mine told me that, ‘during this time people will tell you a lot you need
to do, don’t listen or it will get worse.’ To be honest, if she didn’t tell me this, I was ready to listen to
every advice that came my way. I even had the pressure to get all the make-up products that I could,
just to hide my face (but did you know this can make things worse too?). I was someone who took
photos and videos a lot, almost every day actually, and this had to now stop sadly (well, snap chat filters
could do me justice once in a while, you know what I’m talking about *wink*). I had to turn down all my
friends offers to hang out cause I didn’t want anyone seeing me like that, not directly of course, but
once they started planning a meet up with me, I was armed with a good excuse before that day came. I
had been looking for a job, then I became a bit reluctant on that too(self-esteem issues kicked in).
Staying in the house, locked up was all I wanted.
One day, as I was just walking, a lady out of nowhere approached me, and she was like, “I know your
face is stressing you, but I have the solution,” she said, grinning at me. Before we even go to the
solution, I was like, is my face break out and the stress that conspicuous that a stranger could notice it
and have the audacity to even approach me with a solution? She asked me to get in some cosmetic shop
nearby so that she could get a piece of paper and pen and write some “prescription” for me, so we
proceeded as she told me of how she was exactly like me or even worse and in a week or so the
“problem” ended, (well, no lie, she had a smooth light-skinned beautiful face) when she got the pen and
paper to write, I was shocked when I saw her hands were dark! that’s when it hit me that she wanted
me to lighten myself like her, it was some drugs that she had written down for me to go buy in a chemist
and first take, then asked me to get back to her after finishing the dosage so that she can tell me what
next. I appreciated her concern and walked away sad and asking myself, how many ladies out there, fall
for this, and ruin their skin cause they want a fast remedy?? How many? 
I decided to approach a doctor I know one day, and made him first aware that I don’t want him to send
me to any dermatologist, because I couldn’t afford it, and like we all know, it is quite expensive to theaverage person, all I wanted was to ask him a few questions and a chat. We talked and I found out that I
had hormonal acne , caused by imbalance of hormones, I won’t go deep into that; cause acne has
different types, that’s what I got to learn and also cause *well haha I don’t know much about these
medical and biological terms and I’m not about to embarrass myself here.* He also told me this, which
changed everything, that, sometimes even some dermatologists give people creams too that also get to
react with someone’s skin, either making it worse, and for those who are dark skinned, making them
lighter, appearing as if they’ve tried bleaching(and we don’t want that, right?) *Dear dermatologists,
I’m not trying to say that you guys don’t do a good work ,no you do! Kudos! All I’m trying to do is try
to encourage someone who can’t afford to see you and is pressured about that; that it’s not a must
(smiles)*.Having learnt that, I got to realize that it is until you get to know the cause of your type of
acne, and work towards adjusting that, but not applying everything & anything you hear about on your
One day I woke up confident, and said to myself while looking into the mirror that, “I am beautiful, and
no acne or anything on my face can change that, nothing anyone tells me to bring me down cause of my
face, will change that.” There and then I decided that I will not apply anything to my face, that isn’t a
product I was used to before I broke out, I became confident to face people and didn’t stress no more
about my face(did you know that stress plays a very big part in your acne? You can read about that).I
actually had ready answers to anyone who had something to question me about my face, that’s how
confident I was. And that’s where things started changing for me, day by day I saw changes on my face,
YES, IT IS THAT SIMPLE BTW. Speak positivity to yourself, gain confidence and don’t get pressure of
applying all those things that they tell you.
During this time, I was approached by so many people who had acne too, I think people feel comfortable
talking to someone who is in the same state as them, they had so many misconceptions as to why they
have acne, but you know what? I made sure I spoke positivity to them and told them my simple remedy,
“it’s never that serious, and you are still very beautiful.”
I have seen two or three female celebrities vent online as they are doing their day to day videos about
one pimple break out on their face, one even went ahead to say that, ‘it makes her feel so ugly.’ and this
made me feel bad for the ladies out there who have break outs on their faces, what do that make them
feel about themselves? and what impact it has to their self-esteems? Because this are people who have
a massive following and thousands and maybe more want to be like them. Be careful what you share,
there is someone watching you, who has a situation worse than yours, don’t make them feel bad.
I was once watching a reality TV show(BbNaija Sn 3), and one day, one of the ladies woke up with a face
breakout, and all people could comment online is about, how ugly she looked, some were like, “the
camera man should please stop showing her face again, it’s spoiling my mood”, “what is that?”,
“someone give her protex”, and so many other heartbreaking comments, it made me really sad, I felt
like I could reach out to those people and tell them this, so this is for all of you who don’t have face
breakouts too…. No one wakes up wanting to have a break out on their faces, so what you should do is
remember to thank God every day.
I could write a whole novel about this, my experiences and all, but let me not stultify you. For a while
now, something has been pushing me to write about this, don’t know why, so here it is. My prayer is
that, it encourages and talks to maybe one or two out there, who need to know this.
For those with acne and face break outs; forget the pressure, calm down, be confident, be positive,
do not pressure yourself into applying stuff on your face, be confident, remember to be stress-free,
remind yourself every time that you are beautiful; cause you really are!.......For those without face
breakouts and no acne; always remember to thank God instead of mocking and looking down on
those with it, also remember to speak positivity to those with acne, remind them every now and then
that they are beautiful, and please try reducing those numerous questions that you ask them that
make them uncomfortable, they may not tell you, but it really gets to them. IT IS NOT A DISEASE! WE
I will be sharing my acne journey on my instagram and maybe face book soon (Bianca_ngugi) Miss B.
Always remember to find comfort and be comfortable in your uncomfortability. And it is never that
serious. You are very beautiful/handsome (guys get face break outs too fyi)
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