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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2162282
Marshall tries to explain to Maggie the information Albert had given her.
Chapter 11: The Truth (Marshall)

Maggie’s jitters could be explained away by their relationship up to this point, but Marshall knew Maggie wasn’t telling him everything. Building the trust they would need to move farther, notched itself into a top priority on his list if he wanted a relationship with the beautiful pixie. Relationship? Interesting thought.

He strategically took a seat in the center of the three-cushion couch. No matter where she sat they would be close. Leaning back and crossing his legs at the knees, he looked around, at the comfortable-looking room, brimming with pictures of people and children’s artwork. 

Two place settings sat on the coffee table in front of him. A piece of folded paper on the floor caught his eye. Reaching down he picked it up, discovering his name on the top of the sheet. Inside he found in-depth information about his past, information found by someone with some pull in data retrieval in sensitive areas, including governmental. Marshall glanced at Maggie as she busied herself in the kitchen. Parts of the information would make her trusting him difficult without further discussion. He understood her being careful and applauded her for the effort, but it rankled she didn't just ask him about his background.

As Maggie walked toward him, pushing the rolling cart he held up the paper and raised his eyebrows. Her face went white and she stopped in mid-stride.  Slowly he rose. "Here let me help you with this." He placed the fixing plater and condiment tray on the coffee table. He watched Maggie, as she made her way to the very end of the couch clasping her hands in her lap. Marshall poured them each a glass of iced tea and sat in his original position.

Marshall angled toward her, not wanting to wait for her to ask any questions. "Ok, you checked me out, which shows you wanted to see if you are safe with me." He took her shaking cold hands, glad she didn’t pull away and rubbed the back of them with his thumbs. He bent his head down a bit so he could capture her downcast eyes. "Sunshine, look at me. Will you allow me to explain?" Maggie told him more than once, one of the reasons she shied away from relationships was because she didn't want any drama in her life. Marshall threaded his fingers with hers, hoping his explanation wouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

She lifted her eyes and nodded.

"The small town arrests were all juvenile, overactive teenage stuff. No one ever got hurt. I can tell you the punishment dealt out by my father hurt physically. My father dispensed discipline liberally with a belt when he wanted to teach you one of life's lessons. The two pending court dates exist because I witnessed two crimes. I will be there as a witness only.”

“The less than honorable discharge happened because I defended a sailor from gang rape by some bigots. One of the attackers was the son of an admiral. My choices were discharge or brig. I took the discharge. It has since been changed to a General Discharge and all my benefits have been reinstated.”

"Since my income is circled, I will tell you I do private government work, within the United States borders. It pays well, because of the danger involved. I can’t give you details of the jobs but I can tell you most were rescue missions. I’m an honest man, Maggie. I don't like the police involved in my life, so I stay straight. Maggie, I would never hurt you, but the life I have chosen has bumps." Marshall looked into her eyes. Would she believe him? Would she allow him to stay around? He reached out and wiped away the tears running down her cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. When she fell into his arms he knew she was willing to give him another chance.

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