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by Kimbug
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I gazed out of the window at the bright shiny airplane that would take me to Australia. Nearly seventeen years ago, I lost Sam, my better half. That day, the skies were clear, blue and cloudless. Still, something about the trip left me feeling uneasy. The Wife was due next month; but, to me, she looked ready to pop any day now.

"I have a bad feeling about this trip," I whispered to Sam.

"It's just a business trip, I'll be back before you start missing me," he assured.

We first met Husband and Wife on the evening of their wedding day as they were opening their gifts. We liked them as soon as we met; they really seemed to like us, too. In fact, the Wife said we were the most useful gift they received. The four of us traveled together regularly: to Ireland, their honeymoon destination; quite frequently to Florida where the Wife's family lived; then, there was the five-year anniversary trip to France. The Husband's job was a good one, except for the hassle of a temperamental boss who seemed to need quite a bit of reassurance. The San Francisco team was not performing up to par, so, the Husband had to fly there and assess the situation; then, give a full report with recommendations for improvement upon his return.

Later that morning, news reports began streaming about a plane crashing into Tower One of the World Trade Center. What idiot would crash an airplane into a skyscraper? The sinister nature of the "accident" revealed itself when Tower Two was also hit by an airplane; not long after that, the Pentagon had a plane slam into it and yet another crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, supposedly headed for the White House. It seemed the world had lost its damn mind. I hoped that Sam and The Husband were okay; sadly, they were on United Airlines Flight 93, the one that crashed in Pennsylvania.

A day later, we went to the hospital and welcomed a Daughter. I hadn't flown since that terrible day, since flying made the Mother uneasy. When the Daughter became older, we visited friends and family via train or road trips. One day, I overheard the Mother and her Daughter discussing the Daughter's opportunity to study marine science in Australia. The Daughter aspired to be a marine biologist, so, she lobbied hard. Finally, Mother acquiesced. Now, here I stand, awaiting our flight. The Daughter's Friend wheeled her purple colored suitcase right next to me. I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Amber."

"I'm Violet," she said, timidly, "Are you scared, too?"

"A little, but, I'm actually excited. I love travel. It's what were made for."

"This is my first flight. Have you flown before?"

"Lots of times. There's nothing to be afraid of."

We stood side by side, getting better acquainted. The day seemed perfect for flying, just as it did nearly seventeen years ago.

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