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This is my first One Scene example. It has only twenty-six lines aka twenty-six seconds.

Koffin grips the hand of Olivva as they continued running
He looks at her. Then he glances back behind them. Koffin
quickly lets go over her hand to place it on her head. He
ducks as he pushes Olivva down just as several laser bullets
sail past them. The bullets barely miss their heads.

Grabbing his two hand weapons from the side of his body as
Koffin turns around. He starts firing laser bullets behind
them. Olivva does the same thing. Whoever is behind them
continues firing at them too. Koffin pushes Olivva behind a
large tree as a bullet almost hits her. He ducks behind a
big tree too.

Olivva mouths a ‘Thank You’ at Koffin. Then she starts her
attack again. Koffin just smiles. He doesn’t stop his attack
while he does it. Little by little the return fire slows
down until it finally stops. Olivva fires a few more times
behind she stops, but Koffin stops admittedly. Koffin pecks
around his tree.

Koffin smiles. Olivva pecks around her tree and smiles. They
get up and start their running again. Koffin trips over a
tree limb growing out of the ground, but Olivva catches him
before he falls completely. They continue their running for
a few more seconds before they suddenly stop. Both smile big
as they see they almost out of there.

Today’s Prompt: Running
26 lines
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