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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Animal · #2162333
Asmodeous made a slight miscalculation when he arrived on Earth.
Word count: 1131

“I am Asmodeous! Scourge of Hell!”

“He’s certainly talkative,” the woman at the window commented.

“That seems to be his default,” the volunteer agreed. “Every time someone comes by his enclosure, he has something to say.”

“Do not belittle me!”

“But he’s not aggressive?” the woman wanted to know.

“Not as long as he’s an only cat. He doesn’t seem to want any company.”

“That’s not a problem, it’s just me at home.”

“Would you like to hold him then?”

“I am not a pet! I am Asmodeous!”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“There’s an adoption room just that way.” The volunteer pointed the way towards the room where people could interact with the cats and dogs that were up for adoption. “Someone will bring her to you in just a moment.”

A few minutes after the woman was settled in the room, a different volunteer entered, carrying the black cat. “I hear you’re interested in our little chatterbox.”

The woman reached for the cat, cuddling the silky fur against her once she had a firm grasp. “I’ve been thinking about getting a pet. A dog is too much work for these old bones, but a cat will be perfect.”

“Well, I’ll be sorry to see him go, but he’ll be happier with more space.” The volunteer rubbed her head. “He’s definitely got a lot to say.”

“Human! If I had my full powers, I’d rip your guts out!”

Pressing a kiss to the black head, the woman said, “I think I’ll enjoy that. It’ll make my little house less quiet.” The cat pushed away from her at the motion, but was unable to get out of her hold.

“Why don’t we head out front then and complete the paperwork?” the volunteer suggested. “And someone can make sure he’s ready to go.”

It was about an hour later that the newly christened ‘Blackie’ was let loose in his new home. He had seemed to complain all the way home, but really Asmodeous had wanted the world to know he was free. Unfortunately, as a cat, no one understood him.

Back stiff, Asmodeous glared at his new ‘owner’ as the woman puttered around her kitchen. He’d retreated to the highest point he could access once freed from the kennel and was treating her to a harriage that explained exactly what he’d do when freed from this feline body.

“You’ll come down when you’re hungry,” she commented. “Or thirsty. Meanwhile, if it makes you feel better to be up there, it’s fine.”

”I’m using you to escape that horrible jail. Now that I’m free I can start my plan.

Asmodeous hunkered down in the spot he’d found, watching the woman walk back and forth across the kitchen as she prepared a meal for herself. He might have messed up the spell a bit when freeing himself from Hell, but he still had access to some of his Power. He’d get loose from this mortal body yet.

First, he had to get out of this house.

The woman settled in the recliner after she finished eating. Looking up at where Asmodeous still crouched, she patted her lap. “Why don’t you come down and let me pet you?” she asked.

Ears pinned back, Asmodeous crept down and allowed himself to be coaxed into her lap. She spent a few minutes stroking down his back, attempting to get him to settle in her lap. Then she rubbed right in front of his ears and he went limp. “Oh, you like that?” she questioned.

“Foolish human!” Asmodeous yowled. She pulled her hand back and he arched his back, then head-butted her. “I didn’t say stop!” He settled down, allowing the woman to continue scratching in front of his ears.

A few minutes later, he stiffened as a sound he’d never made before came from his throat. The woman laughed, continuing to rub at his head. Asmodeous let his eyes drift closed as he enjoyed the feeling. “I hate to leave you alone so soon, but I have errands to run.”

Asmodeous’s eyes snapped open as her words permeated his daze. ”Oh, I have no problem with you going out,” he said. ”It gives me time to plot and plan.”

She patted him on the head. “Don’t be so sad. I won’t be gone long.”

”Lady, the only reason I care if you come back is because I haven’t figured out opposable thumbs.”

Asmodeous watched carefully as the woman let herself out of the house before heading towards the large plate glass door so he could see out. The world outside was brighter and more colorful than he ever could have imagined. If only he could get out to it. Hunkering down, he watched the world go on around outside as he planned. He’d have to spend a few days gathering power and learning the routines of his new tormentor first, but then he could put his plans into action.

He’d sniffed what she called food as soon as she left and that would not do at all. He’d already dumped the bowl; hopefully, that would be enough of a clue to make her see the error of her ways.

Meanwhile, he needed to find minions that wouldn’t disturb his tormentor. Too much. Yet. Soon enough he’d want to be free of her clutches.

By the time the woman returned, Asmodeous had coaxed a couple of spiders out of the woodwork. They were small enough that they should go unnoticed and agile enough that they could sneak in and out. Thankfully his limited powers allowed him to speak to them. Unfortunately, the act of coaxing them out and bonding them to him exhausted him.

Once he’d given the orders to the spiders, he decided he needed a minion that had more range. It took a bit more work (and power), but he found a mouse that lived just outside the house. A few minutes later, that mouse was also bonded to him and had its orders.

Asmodeous was curled up in the shadows when the woman entered the house, trying to regain his energy. He cracked his eyes open when she bustled in, calling out a cheerful greeting, “Blackie, Mommy’s home!”

”Woman, my name is not Blackie and you are not my mommy!”

She peered around, trying to find where the yowling was coming from. “I guess you’ll come out when you’re ready.”

A few moments later, she discovered his overturned food bowl. Instead of putting something different in it, she cleaned it up and refilled it. Asmodeous grumbled from his shadow-filled corner.

Over the next few days, Asmodeous slowly gather power as he tried to shore up his power base. What he really wanted was to break out of this body he’d somehow trapped himself in and start his plan. But he’d somehow locked himself not only into this body, but also into this house. He didn’t have enough power to transform out of the cat body yet, but he had a feeling he could sneak out of the house. So far he hadn’t had a chance to escape the woman, but he thought his time was coming.

When the woman returned home that afternoon, he made his move.

Staying low to the ground as she opened the door, he darted through the crack, making his bid for freedom. “Blackie!” she yelled as he reached the sidewalk. “Come back!”

His feet touched concrete and Asmodeous sent out calls to his minions. He couldn’t wait to see the world now that he was free of the house he’d been confined in. He would need to find a place to lay low for a few days, maybe his minions would have an idea, and then he’d start to take over the world. Starting with this little town.

Maybe it wasn’t how he intended to conquer the world, but it would work. And at least he was free of the old woman. And out on his own. A demon cat roaming the world.
© Copyright 2018 Medie Joined the Rebels (medievalgirl at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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