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I who have lost all reason, and you who holds all reason; help me to find one to stay.
I wish for a reason
To believe in another day
When all my feelings
Are stowed away.

I am a liar,
Speaking in true form.
With nothing within
But a raging storm;
A violent, violent storm.

My mind is scattered
My logic is shattered.
Nothing is left
In this maddening disarray

Winds echo through me, yet
I hear, see, feel nothing.

But I wish for a reason
To believe in another day
And I hope that you give me
A reason to stay.

Another minute, another hour.
No matter how long
You have the power.

I have seen nothing but a dark and stormy sky
Felt nothing but the nipping cold
From the loneliness I accept
To serve as my norm

But here you are
Happy with no concept
Wishing for another day
For all you have been is content.

Show me a reason
To stay another day
To be as mindless and free
Like you to some degree.

Give me some of that, if you will.
In return I’ll crush this pill;
And maybe I’ll stay another day.
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