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My template for reviewing short stories and chapters
*Bookopen* Overall Impressions *Bookopen*

Identify mood/tone/themes.
Identify links of mood/tone/themes with characters.
Comment on plot and overall pace.

*Medalgold* Favourite Details *Medalgold*

*People* Characterisation *People*

Identify each character in turn and their traits.
Provide example of a subtle trait and comment.
Provide suggestion for enhancement or prediction based on character.

Comment on secondary/tertiary characters.

Comment on characterisation in dialogue: what is working, what could be enhanced.

*Earth* World-building *Earth*

Identify setting.
Comment on coherency: how well can the setting be understood and predicted?
Comment on pacing and methods of exposition.

Comment on tone, mood and theme.
Comment on critical details and motifs.

Identify links between characters and setting, ie behaviours.

*Clip* Other Comments *Clip*

Comment on...
          continuity/transitions between chapters
          general style or a problem in a specific paragraph
          stalling or pacing problem in a specific paragraph
          suggestions for reading or research

*Exclaimy* Technical and Grammar *Exclaimy*
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