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A character list and setting for an interactive story
Starring roles

Richard - A lanky, 5ft,7 young merchant with tawny brown hair, from the Southern Kingdoms. He is confident and has always had the gift of the silver tongue. Unfortunately, roguish good looks and charm can only get you so far. His business is going under, but who wouldn't want to visist the merchant who has view the Goddesses themselves. What could go wrong?

May - A bubbley young woman from the Western Islands. She is chubby with a curvy figure. Unlike he many friends and family she is not content with simply enjoying island life. May loves to stay active as much as she likes to eat. But there is something missing in her life. She wants adventure, she wants to explore, she wants to do things that few dream of. So it is only natural that she should perform a pilgramage to see the Goddesses.

Ulfric - A small 5ft tall young man from the Frozen North. He is in fair shape and has golden blond hair, but he is short in both stature and stamina. His fellow villagers often belittle him for not representing the typical strong northerner. His parents named him Ulfric expecting a tall warrior, rather than a short potato farmer. His family has arranged for him to marry a young woman named Helga. A bulging, bulk of a woman who pushes little ulfric around regularly. He hopes a Pilgramage will not only take him away from Helga and his village (before the wedding), but maybe when he returns he will have earned some respect.

Jade - The daughter of a lesser noble family. Her plump overwieght frame is sculpted from a sedetary life. She loves to sleep all day, then feast and party all night. She is used to the finer things in life. However that life is tied to her family name, "Boing". They require a boost to their social status, by sending their youngest daughter on a Pilgrimage to see the Goddesses. Reluctantly she accepts this "honour", though not without taking a carriage and servent with her. If all goes well this should be an easy trip.

The Goddesses of Mt Obessa often receive pilgrims. Many journey from far and wide to just see the divine martiarchs.

Goddesses - These divine beings govern the world. They each have their own wants and desires, governing particular domains. They can adjust their size a weight at will, but the descriptions below are their default form.

Matria - The Queen Goddess - A bulbous apple shaped titan of fat. She is always regal in her presentation. She is the most likely to receive pilgrims as servants and eventually elevate the worthy to a higher station. To live in luxury and indulge or to serve those in luxury is to serve Matria.

Gol - War Goddess - A mountain of a woman. She is a curvy hour glass, her powerful muscles are hidden under her layers of fat. She is the most aggressive goddess always presenting pilgrims with physical tasks.

Plumb - Harvest Goddess - Her glorious belly is a symbol of a fine harvest. She is the kindest of the Goddesses and enjoys great feasts. She enjoys pilgrims who share in her love of celebrations, especially when dedicated to her. It is said that she is never truly full.

Furt - Resting Goddess - The sleep goddess is most well known for her pear shaped figure. She is usually depicted resting on her huge hind quarters. She spreads good dreams to those who make an offering of pears before bed. These pears appear in her mighty snack bowl. However some refer to her as a Sloth Goddess, embodying laziness.

Demi Deities - Sometimes the Goddesses gift the world with their offspring or ascent a mortal to a higher level of existence. These are but some of their offspring.

Grid the Wanderer - One of Gol's oldest sons. His mother hates him, he is lithe, physically fit and abhors violence. He travels the lands and enjoys the company of others. He often kindly dissuades pilgrims from their journeys. His hair and eye colour change often, but is easily identified but a large arrow shaped birthmark on his chest.

The Great Maw - A large creature with a humanoid torso and the the body of a whale. She spends most of her time sleeping beneath the ocean but when awoken she will devour whatever she comes across. Yet she is not evil, there are many tales of people befriending the Great Maw. Those who speak to her learn that she is old and wise, but a slave to her inhibitions.

Monsters - There are various monsters throughout the world. Some of them have received the blessings of one of the Goddesses, gaining their physical attributes.

Giants - Enormous humanoids. They look like humans in every way. They are common closer to Mt Obessa. But those who have been exiled traveling far and wide. These exiles are solitary creature, but their natural size has made a few individuals in local protectors or tyrants. Those who stay near the mountain loyally serve the Goddesses.

Ooze - Gelantenous creatures of pure gluttony. Some oozes take on humanoid shapes to lure in prey. There are tales of oozes being friendly toward those who share their food with them. The size of an ooze depends on the amount of food it has eaten.

Savage Folk - Ogres, Trolls, Orcs and Goblins are all common names for the savage folk. The savage folk are tall, pale skinned humanoids with pointed ears and sharp fanged mouths. They are tribal peoples that worship the Goddesses in a fanatical manner. As a result they often gain attributes of the Goddess they idolize. This is were the differing names come into play. Ogres follow Martai, growing round and fat all over. Trolls revere Gul, gaining large shapely forms fit for combat. Orcs are gluttonous holding out large bellies to please Plumb. While the Goblins grow comfortable shapely rears, they are well known for their quick thinking nature in order to avoid doing hard work.

Major Locations - A brief description of the major locations along with races that are specific to those regions.

Mt Obessa - Where the divine Goddesses reside. This is the goal for many pilgrims who seek an audience. Their servants also reside here as well as the mighty giants. Four lands surround Mt Obessa and from these the pilgrims journey.

The Frozen North - The land north of Mt Obessa is cold and rough. Great woods and forests cover most of the lands, hiding many threats. Tall mountains crown the the horizons. Yet despite the natural dangers the land has many beautiful vistas. It is no doubt that Gol has claimed these as her favorite lands. It's hardy, strong people look to this Goddess out of both love and respect. The people of the north primary hunt for their food.

Fey - Spirits of nature. They are fickle and enjoy tricking mortals and gods alike. In their natural state they look humanoid, with pale skin and pointed ears. Many take on the form of their favorite piece of nature, creating bodies of stone, vines or even water. These are selfish creatures that care only for their own pleasure.

The Southern Kingdoms - Lands laden with fertile soil and goods for trading. Mercantile kings and queens sprung up quickly trading good with each other and beyond. They often send large quantities of food to the Goddesses. The Southern Kingdoms worship Plump as their primary goddess. For in return she grants them ever greater harvests.

Centaur - The centaur have the body a horse and the upper body/torso of a human. They gather in nomadic tribes and enjoy the ease of gathering food in these lands. Those centaurs who live among humans in their towns and cities gain weight quickly as they not longer move about with their kin.

The Eastern Empire - United under the rule of the Great Empress the Eastern Empire has a strict caste system. Social mobility is rare. It is said that the higher up you are in the caste they more divine you are. To reflect this they aim to emulate Matria, their patron Goddess. Legend has is it that it was her that established the casts system.

Gorgon - Female creatures that are part serpent. Younger gorgons look like normal women, but with hair that writhes as snakes. Over time this hair becomes snakes, flaking off to grow into more gorgons. The oldest gorgons undergo a physical change. Slowly their scales grow thicker and eventually they grow a tail which slowly develops into their lower body. The older a gorgon gets the more her hunger grows.

The Western Islands - To the west there is a large collection of island chains. A variety of cultures has sprung forth on these islands. They all worship Furt as their patron goddess. The people who dwell in these island chains believe that it was once a whole continent until their goddess decided to sit on it pressing the land into the ocean. Relaxation, rest and good times are common pass times on the islands. Despite this these are expert travelers and fishers, moving with the motion of things.

Merefolk - Ocean dwelling creatures that are human in appearance but have the lower body of a sea creature. While most are friendly creatures, some dislike land dwellers luring them into traps at sea. Merefolk can grow legs and walk on land for short periods of time.
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