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by Clark
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2162588
he who lingers in her mind
a poem about him
you were the beginning, and you were sadly my rapid last.
the joy to my younger self, yet also the heartbreak that broke me
the happy smile on my face, yet also the stray tears I let to fall
never had someone made me feel special and never had I despised someone
so bitterly.

but those were the good and bad ol' days
i have started to place them all behind me as a caution
to fall properly and careful enough for a person
a lesson learned which kept yearning on the back of my mind

it wasn't until recently we talked, for the first time and for the hours
it was just a simple talk but the familiar old strings started to knot in my stomach
then I realized myself, that you were different
the different version of someone I used to know way back then

but the change in you was good, a better one I could agree
my hands were shaking and my heart was racing
what is it that you have, to make me react for a certain way?

and then i started to dream in colors
all the scenarios and play-scenes i wished for it to happen
the happy moments we could possibly create, and spend joyfully
just with you, the man in my dream.

but now, i don't have to live inside my land of dreams anymore
and i do not have to comprehend with the little possibility expectations again
for in time now, it all became a reality.

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