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The Devils’ Moon River Express I came up with after a Moon River Tshirt with Bears lol.
Written For: "The Humorous Poetry Contest"

The Devils’ Moon River Express is a place to go be mooned
By the best and the rarest of them all, the devil.
It was like everyone was going to be doomed,
But yet I wouldn’t stoop to his level.

As he is mooning all the boat families
that goes by, he realizes that it is not affecting
them one bit right now because the families are praying
for him as they go by to affect his mooning melodies.

All of the prayers have interrupted his plans
Here on the Devils' Moon River Express by trying to moon
The spiritual families as they go by, while he was being a Franze
Because of all the Christian families in their platoon
Boats praying.

By Sharmelle Olson
July 2018

Franze: A person who is regularly grumpy.

Line Count: 13
Form: We all have those poems and stories we feel really deserved to win contests but didn't. Well, step inside for a contest that gives your items a second chance.
Prompt: None
Written For: "Second Time Around Contest"
Deadline: The contest will run from the 15th of every month to midnight on the 14th of the following month.
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