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by K.HBey
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An event happened to this child at the shore
I am alone in such beach where only the come and go sound of waves is heard; seagulls are everywhere picking up fishes and swinging at the tip of the waves, their sound is high and gives the impression that no human beings are there.
The foam of the waves and in a fine play erases the traces on the sand.
This morning I am at the shore which inspires me and lets me see such ocean as a power guiding wind and waves in an exact rhythm.
I loose myself here on the sand and time goes quickly then a crowd of people invades the beach.

Suddenly a child scream is heard from my place and my eyes are caught by such cute child who seems to drown.
I let my phone and everything and run to the child quickly and save such beautiful girl of five years old.
Her parents are strayed and cannot do anything. Her mother is crying and her father keeps his daughter fast from me.
"My Lord you are alive dear" Her parents say.
They hug her strongly and kiss her a lot. They do not understand what has happened exactly because their daughter has been just at the shore.
I give an explanation to them that a big dog has been swimming and then has been near her. She has become afraid and has got a panic and has lost herself under water which has kept her away a quiet far from the shore.
They apologize to me and thank me a lot and want to invite me for lunch as a mark of recognition. But I say no politely because it is my duty to save her and that it is just a natural act from me. We give contact references to each other and hope to meet friendly next time.

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