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by Amandy
Rated: E · Draft · Horror/Scary · #2162780
It's an scp which defies how it existed. Created with numerous thing.

Item #: SCP-6783

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
Keep it underwater near [ Redacted ] , personnel should throw any object that is smaller then 4 feet. All personnel should be aware of SCP- 6783 anomalous "powers". All personnel SHOULD NOT talk to SCP-6783 without bringing an object with them which if they do SCP-6783 will [ Redacted].

Description: SCP-6783.

First found in August 23, [ redacted ]. It began by attacking those whom got close to the island commonly known as [ redacted ] . This island seems to be somewhat bonded or telepathically talking to SCP-6783. It has been proven that the island now knows as SCP- 6̡̡̼̱̳̱̩̞̅̎̈͛̈́ͭ̓͋̋ͦͫͫͦͥ̋̏̍͑̔́7̸̵̗̮̦̻̩̦͉̪͎̰̖̐̃ͮ̑̓͑̆̒ͭ̿̽̕͠8̛̙̼̙̪̤̤̟̩̦̞͔̺͌́̽̈́ͪ̏̍̂ͮ̅̇̎ͭͭ͗͟4̸̵̧̩̼̼̼̰͇̙̤͇̼̤̮ͤ̋͌ͩ̈̓̔̚ͅ
SCP-6783 will close in into the entity/ies who come near. Any organic life that isn't human are able to pass near SCP-6783. Which is assumed since 6783 seems to hold a grudge against humans. WARNING_

-C L A S S A F I E D -


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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2162780