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by Star*
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2162813
Golden Horse With Angel Wings

I am here and I am there, breathing in your essence near,
On a wing of flight, with feathers light on my dewy skin.
As you come near will you lay your marbles by my side,
Will you blow your horn so I'll know where you have been?

Can I hold you with me in the night when rest doesn't come,
Bidding you to come swiftly to me whilst I quietly sleep.
I see you there, I am mesmerized into your waiting gaze.
Your eyes burn deeply into mine, we dare not make a peep.

You take my hand as a gentle breeze begins to lift us high,
Away from my room we fly, on a Golden Horse we sail.
He leads us among the star's, who's voices we begin to hear,
They encircle around us, they are singing songs as we sail.

We begin a course, to the moon; we glide, leap, play, and
Prance onward like children, we have not even a care.
We throw our heads back in childish laughter, and ride on,
Finding love all around, we drift heavenly as chosen pair.

We ride the sky that is on high, we ride through the night.
We ride the moon on a bucking horse with angel wings.
We dance and in a moonbeam's dream, as it passes by.
We glow like lighting that sparkles and with joy we sing.

We made it quite elaborately on a stream of stars, we ride,
A tangle path of stars that leave us breathless as we go.
Flying in the night on a golden horse with heavenly wings.
We continue to ride into my dream as we share mysteries.

Touched the sky, the moon, the stars and heaven's lights,
We ventured out of time and space and ran a forward race,
Was pure joy we found in a dream on a golden horse with
Angel wings, at the speed of light, a never-ending pace.

I find myself in his embrace as we ride side by side,
He whispers in my ear of nights we'll go venturing again,
For I have tasted his lips and felt his touch on my face,
As he kissed my brow we rode, his breath upon my skin.

I close my eyes, rest my head upon his chest as we ride,
Through the galaxy and through the stars of the milky way.
We begin to see a distant light knowing our adventure ends.
Daylight has begun and the sunlight shines, it's a new day.

I silently weep tears of sadness on my pillow with velvety lace.
Opening my eyes from distance sleep, wet with my own tears,
I see lovingly laying on my window sill a tailored glove I find.
Caress the glove and hold it near as my fears now disappear.

Remembering that most of the night he lay here in my mind.
A smile appears upon my face for I knew he told me,
He would leave a glove for me and once again appear.
On a golden horse with angel wings and what will be will be.
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