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by Star*
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Life in general and how I find comfort through choices in my life
A Comfort Place

I'm thinking very deeply these long shallow
Days of where my path should ever leave me,
To an island where I long to play among the
Shells and restless sometimes peaceful sea.

Oh wings do take me there without a care,
I shall land on some distant place out there.
For I hear the call of the whispering wind,
That guides me though I know not where.

One beckons me to stay and yet one says
I should stay no more but find my own way.
It doesn't matter how far the distance, I have
Come to know this path and should I stay?

The roar that I hear from voices from afar,
Makes such a whimpering sound to my ears
And I can hardly understand the voices that
Speak, while the silent voice holds me near.

My thoughts evoking every step I walk upon
And tells me I should never stray, I tend to fear.
I lay here in my bed paralyzed to move at times
And see a wall that mirrors what I desire to see.

Pleasures of love, arms that hold me close, I
Know with the night we are in bondage to these.
We take the night like we've been lovers forever,
We take the day with a playful childish ease.

Making plans like tomorrow will pass us by,
We continue on meagerly only trying to appease.
We shelter ourselves in a world that's gone mad,
Hoping just one day for our worry's to cease.
It's no longer a passing phase or anything we talk about,
It never goes away but quietly hides me from the shade.
They cannot tear down the walls I've built around me,
They encircle me like a prisoner for the walls I've made.

Like the lion waiting for his prey just as the day begins,
He watches, he plans to conquer for that is his way,
And he must be fed for the lion will come and eat again.
Nothing changes all remains, only rearranged for today.

While time is feathering away I long for a place,
To escape my plight but where that is I cannot say.
Daydreams in the daytime, nightmares in the night,
I often lay me down to sleep and to my God I pray.

It gives me the substance of a place I've yet to find
Within myself, I just have to learn to follow the light.
Knowing that I find my rest in the words that beguile
And connect me to the person I hold still in my sight.

I place all my thoughts in a most pleasurable book that
I keep nearby always within my reach like an old friend.
Once I open the book my thoughts become clear and
I am alone for now, in here where my feelings can mend.

Thankful for words I keep near me for they comfort me,
To a place, I visit daily with my pen and paper in my hand.
It has become my refuge from all that I painfully despair.
I close my book, thankful for the words at my command.
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