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A genie is found in a lamp to grant an infinite amount of wishes
It was a normal day in a Mid-West town with nothing much but a great time to relax. The nearest big city is a good 15 minute drive but the town this little family doesn't have to worry too much about going in to work or stuff. The town they lived in has all the shops and restaurants had to keep the residents occupied and stocked up for normal life. On the richer end of town, if one would call it that, there lived the family of focus that didn't have to worry much about money or working too much. This was the Flation family and consisted of a 34 year old mother Lindsey, 15 year old daughter Amy, and a young 10 year old boy name Sammy. Lindsey owned the local major store and restaurant so money was not a major problem. Young Sammy was looking around the house and found something interesting. It was early morning and Sam was home alone. His sister and mother were at the store working a bit.

"Let’s see here. This looks interesting." Sam said.

In the attic, Sammy found what looked like an old, Arabian styled lamp like that of a genie might inhabit. He rubbed it a couple times to get a better look at the dust covered lamp and all its decorations. What he didn't know was that this was a lamp that housed an actual genie. One thing that you and Amy tried to figure out was that how did your mother get all the money she has for there was no way both the store and restaurant could make it in a short amount of time. Lindsey soon came out and told Amy and Sam that she use to go out and find archeological items and bring them back. It was an old family tradition but ended when she was pregnant with Sammy after the death of Lindsey’s parents. With the 5 year difference between the 2 siblings, Amy faintly remembers things like that happening when she was younger. This must be one of the things without a value or Lindsey forgot about. After a few rubs, a puff of smoke came out of it and a beautiful woman wearing what looked to be a pair of puffy red pants and a matching bikini top. She had a pair of gold cuffs around both wrists and ankles as well as one tying up her long hair.

"Glad to be free. You must be the one who released me, young man. For freeing me, I can grant you an infinite amount of wishes without any limitations. Just say I wish before each one and I'll grant it." The woman said.

"Are you a real genie?" Sammy asked.

"Of course I am child. You can call me Mira."

Sammy told her his name and she adored it. She was a lovely young looking genie that looked to be no older than Amy. But she assured him that she is actually over 5,000 years old. Thinking of his first wish, he said he might think of something in time. Mira made herself at home and waited for his wishes. An hour past and Sammy looked out into the garden out back and saw his mother and sister home already and out there relaxing. He then got his first 2 wishes. The first one was to be that life would be like a cartoon. She snapped her fingers and granted it.

"Now for your second wish, child." Mira said.

"I wish for you to make Amy inflate our mother like a balloon." Sammy said.

"Done and might I say she will go out with a thirst quenching bang. Non-lethal in all since though."

Mira snapped her finger and made it happen. You watched as Amy then got up and walk over to the garden hose. Their mother thought nothing of if for it was hot and she might be trying to cool off. Without warning, Amy shoved the hose into Lindsey’s mouth and open the water all the way. Then she realized what's going on. She tried to pull the hose out of her mouth but couldn't. Looking at Amy, she noted all of the toned muscles she has from the years of martial arts she has done. Despite her carefree and bubbly nature, Amy can do a complete 180 and break every bone in a person’s body with her strength and tough big sister attitude. Lindsey still tried to get the hose out and fight back her daughter but Amy was a bit too strong for her.

"It's too hot and you looked like you could use a big drink." Amy said.

"Stop this nonsense now Amy. Keep this up and you’ll possibly kill me. Look how big I am already." Lindsey thought.

Lindsey already passed the point she looks to be pregnant with twins and still going. The button on her pants began to dig into her until it finally popped off. Amy poked it a couple times as it got bigger and bigger as well as rounder and rounder. Knowing how carefree and bubbly Amy is, Lindsey knew there was no way to get through to her without something to interest her. Lindsey gave up and let it happen but kept up a bit of a fight. It didn't take long until she couldn't stand up anymore. Amy pushed her back a bit which caused her to fall backwards and landed hard on her rounding out back. Amy kept the hose in her mother as she continued to inflate bigger. Lindsey soon felt her body reach its limits and there was nowhere else for it to go. She tried to make Amy stop but she didn't.

"Come now mom, you're the one and only Lindsey Flation. You took on challenges to make a pay with both children in you and one was on you back and in tow while pregnant with little brother still in your belly. This should be nothing for you." Amy said.

Lindsey blushed and took it. A deep moaning emanated from Lindsey’s water logged body which wasn't good. Sammy watched the whole thing from inside all the way until they witnessed their mother blow up. Thinking she killed her, their mother came through in the middle of a pool of water shocked and wet from head to toe. Amy looked at her confused at why she was back and perfectly fine in nothing but her underclothing. It all changed to anger as she grabbed the hose from the compressor nearby and shoved it into Amy's mouth. Amy tried to fight it but when she felt her inflating body, she changed into a blissful daze. She couldn't help but moan in pleasure and bliss as she rubbed her body as it inflated. Sammy liked it and Mira can tell. She poked the bump in his pants and said he looks fairly 'inflated' himself. Lindsey felt an extra presence with Sam in the house and looked up at the window. She saw him and the genie and signaled for them to come down. They did and she took a good look at Mira and asked who and what she was. Mira told her everything she needs to know and liked it. Lindsey knew the lamp was of value but no one would by it. She was glad that she kept it after all these years and looked back at Amy. Sammy knocked her back onto her back without any problems. Amy smiled and patted her inflated gut.

"Get on and jump on your big sister while she gets bigger." Amy thought.

Sammy did and bounced around. After a few minutes of jumping from both her mother and brother, Amy started to let out moans of pleasure as a deep moaning came from her body. She blushed a deep red in pure bliss and held her sides for it felt too good to her.

"This is so pleasurable. Glad I get to go out this way." Amy thought.

She popped like an over inflated balloon but was quickly back to normal in a bubbly daze after what happened. When she came back through, she quickly grabbed Sammy and won’t let go. Sammy liked it and all that his sister does for him. Mira snapped her fingers after Sammy wished for things to be put back to normal. The yard and house was fixed and all the water was gone. She offered to stay and help around the house while still granting wishes for Sammy. They asked how they survived their explosions and she told them that Sammy's first wish for that to life was to be like a cartoon and from that, they both survived. They understood and glad you made such a wish.
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