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May God bless and guide their way. A Christmas in July Poetry Entry
Memories of Home

He stands his post on Christmas Eve.
At times like this he must believe
that what he’s doing will help peace;
that someday all the wars will cease.

There's an emptiness that makes him sad.
He should be home; husband and Dad
are parts of life that are worthwhile.
Remembering, he finds a smile.

A flicker! He stares with surprise
at snowflakes falling from the skies.
Each flake brings forth a memory
of times he spent with family.

There’s magic in the first snowfall.
The memories that are recalled
in places that seem dark and bleak -
like snowflakes, each one is unique.

For just a moment, his eyes tear
but in his heart, his family’s near.
He whispers a familiar prayer
asking for God’s love and care.

At home, another holiday
explaining why Dad is away.
“He’ll be home soon,” Mothers say
“Perhaps, for good … perhaps, someday.”

”May they know, this day,
the freedom their courage grants.
May God bless and guide their way.”

A Soldier's Prayer

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An entry for July round of "Christmas in July Poetry Contest
Prompt: Your poem must be about the first snowfall of the winter and it's Christmas Eve.
Form: Quatrain
Line Limit: 40
Line Count: 27
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