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by //J.M
Rated: E · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #2163030
A collection of scripts that are ever growing, ever expansive.
Dash Hound in: "And They're Off!"
Created by Jake Michael
Written by Jake Michael


A large crowd of dogs has gathered at the starting line for the annual W.A.L.K.S Tournament. Spectators are respectively finding their seats and enjoying the day out with their canine families. Flocks of reporters and journalist dogs are descending on the competitors, trying to get their thoughts and opinions before the race, however they are all too preoccupied with the free kibble snack bar. As all of the competitors shuffle towards the starting line, they share in friendly banter and jests. The fan favourite SLICK WHIPPET is being his usual confident self and ignoring his adoring fans and sporting competitors. He is fixated on his new big-brand collar that he was gifted by the sportswear company Nippy. All competitors take their place on the line, but one is missing. The newcomer DASH HOUND is not in the starting box.


Good day to you, hounds and pooches, pups and poodles, to the annual 7777th W.A.L.K.S Tournament! It could not be a sunnier day to commemorate this grand event, and it sure looks like the competitors are glowing as well! We have the reigning champion Slick The Whippet warming up over in the far corner. By far the fan favourite. And limbering up right next to him is the... well, fans' least favourite Cecil. Appearing for the first time after last years' controversy where he was found misleading the other dog racers with a fake cat on a string, he is back and worse than ever! But with all these recognisable names and faces, we can't forget about the newcomers! Which, uh-oh, looks like one of them may have slept in today. DASH HOUND is nowhere to be seen! I know they say to let sleeping dogs lie... but maybe wake them up for a competition. Hopefully he's not too nervous...


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