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by cat
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2163051
The Oasis and Nerve gear from ready player one and SAO combined (contains boob expansion)
          It has been over 5 years since the launch of All Game, the game to end them all. When it launched hundreds of people who got one logged in to it leaving their body for a new one in a new reality. But while the creators were celebrating the launch a hacker made their way into the system they had entered through a players connection that logging out doing this somehow made it impossible to exit. The creators were alerted of the hacker and quickly got rid of him but they learned that the log out code became corrupted so it was unfixable. Knowing if they stayed quiet that they would be blamed for causing it, they quickly contacted all of the players but to do so effectivly half of the team were forced to trap themselves in the game. They warned the players a hacker had ruined the code for logging out and that it could be a long time before they could. They then contacted the authorities and reported what had happened. That now brings us to where we are now.

          Before the launch I was just a teenager struggling with school and playing games in my room, but now I am sadly still a average player in AG short for All Game, I had asked my friend with a ship to drop me off on a snow planet filled with robots, that was three days ago. She was supposed to pick me up at the drop zone the next day, I was starting to run low on food. I heard metal clanging softly behind me it didn't sound like one but two of the many robots that inhabit this land. I turned around to find what i call a spiderling and chaser, knowing that i wouldnt survive the two of them at once i ran but they managed to keep up with me and the chaser was gaining on me. Then i started hearing the engine of my friends travel pod. With my friend nearing this gave me a chance, i powered up my tri-shot gauntlet and blasted the chaser causing it to blow up and send me flying forward.

          I quickly scrambled up and ran, luckily my friend saw the spiderling and in time and shot it with the basic ship cannon she could fit into the pod, a minute later the pod landed and out came my friend tackling me with a hug, "Yeah its good to see you too, now can ye get off of me," I said and she then started getting off

"Oh yeah my bad, I'm just glad you are alright, my pod's engines have been malfunctioning lately."

"gonna have to fix it, i got enough parts from the bots to upgrade and repair the ship, so lets get back to the garage," i had said slightly annoyed because i had fixed it last week but she always runs the engines at max, "let's get going now"
(before we continue let me mention that her name is Kira and the story tellers name is Light)

We got into the pod and started to launch but then the engines failed so we crashed into a snow pile nearby, but annoyingly it was door first into the pile so when the door opened we were in a igloo kind of. I checked on Kira, she was alright but she opened up her inventory during the crash. I saw she was wearing a new amulet, i quickly checked its stats since it was going to be a while before she would awaken, the amulet was only usable by a high level technomage so that meant it was a magic item with tech properties although it did not have a description it did have the symbol of light on the back of it, as if it were meant for me since i am a luckily a high level technomage. I took it to examine it further, it appeared that the large blue gem was a holo projector button surrounded by enchanted gold and silver inscriptions.

I decided to put it on and the name appeared for a second on my gui, it was called the unknown controller, that was strange normally a controller would have a name of what it controls. I pressed the button andsince we were still trapped in the snow hill it projected itself on the wall of snow, a map of the area with dots on it showing players and enemies nearby, the only players were us. It was strange, normally it would show only the enemies you could control but this one showed all of them and players. Investigating further i zoomed in on us and selected Kira and the map changed into a charector creation screen, it had been years since i had saw one but it was strange to see one at this point in the game. The screen hadd all the info on kira including her height, breast size even her stats and skills. I selected the button that said physical and soon i was able to see only her and the number inputs for sizes and other things. Being the little perv i was i selected her breast size and saw she was a solid B cup and changed the B to MMM using the keyboard that appeared.

I looked over to Kira and saw her clothes starting to stretch, her breasts were growing, and since the game was semi realistic with clothing the cloth started to rip, soon it ripped enough to see the bra which i quickly cut with a knife to prevent it from damaging her health since she when for the strongest one possible for her. Her boobs fell out of her clothes after that and they grew faster than before and soon enough they were MMM cup. Kira then awoke with start and fell forward crushing me into th snow and getting snow on her boobs. she quickly got up and into her seat in the pod and covered her boobs.

"What the hell just happened?! Why are my boobs so huge and why are we in an igloo!?" she asked very confused. I quickly explained everything but what about the boobs.

"i woke up a few minute before you and you were like that but you were taking damage from your bra so i had to cut it off"

"thank you, it would be terrible having to respawn and regain my levels all just cause my boobs nearly killed me, but i am going to need a lot more clothing in my wardrobe if im to cover these things," she says as shes examining them.

As soon as we had escaped the snow pile we went back to the garage luckily with only a few bugs with the engines. Our garage is on a tech and magic planet, we were lucky to be in an area with few people around to have a larger garage. It was full of different types of machines and altars and many unfinished veichles and weaponry lying about. When we got back we were pretty exhausted and it was about night on the planet, so Kira went to her room to sleep, but i stayed up. I had repaired the engines when i remembered the amulet i got off of Kira, so i loaded it up and it had saved where i was last, in the breast options of Kira. I looked through the breast options seeing that were options for sensitivity, how jiggly they, how firm they and how affected by the planets gravity they are, there were a few more options there but i then saw some strange options, boob count you could select up to six of them.

I soon got ideas after looking through all of the options, instead of going to sleep i took a quick nap using one of my little inventions for when i need to get up at a specific time, i set it to give me 5 hours of sleep because i knew Kira would be asleep for a long time, along with changing her clothes with the hidden sewing room i am not supposed to know about. I went to sleep and woke up exactly five hours later and went straight to the security room, loaded up the cameras in her room one was for actual security the rest were extras i had hidden to get a good view. She was laying on her bed with the blankets kicked off the bed and no shirt on, it appeared she had somehow managed to rip her old shirt off, i decided to try the strange option i had found, i selected the second option which was 4 breasts. Watching intently around her breasts i quickly saw a second set of nipples appear below her breasts they soon grew to be the same size as the top ones. I then selected the third option, six breasts. As before right under her new set of boobs, grew a third set, this time it caused her to move around a bit but she was still asleep. The front of her looked like it was just mountains of boobs, so i decided to try how different options. The first thing that gave me an idea was her hair, she normally kept it short, it one time used to be very long but she cut it because it kept getting in the way of fighting and people would always pull on it. I selected hair options, when it loaded there weren't very many option but there were a few there, first thing to do was first, was to make her hair longer. It was a good thing i knew her height or i could have made her a rapunzel on accident, i decided to make it reach her butt which was about 3 or 2.5 feet, since she was 5 foot 9 inches. i decided to change the color of her hair because the dirty red she had did not really fit anymore, i decided on a nice deep blue like an ocean.

While changing her hair i had gotten an idea, she needed to keep balanced so i thought i would add something to the back to help her. While switching options she moved around more which meant she starting to wake up, but i didn't notice. The options on her butt were different from the rest, it was more confusing on size, so i set it to that each cheek is about the same size as a soccer ball maybe a bit smaller. she moved slighty from the added mass to her butt, but i was still too distracted by the options to see. I made her butt be soft and a bit squishy, i then went to her breasts again, i made them quite jiggly to add an extra bounce, and realizing how much pain it could cause her back i made them barely affected by gravity. When i looked at how firm or squishy her boobs were i saw that it had changed earlier it was twice as squishy as before. just as i was about to look at another option I heard her scream, so i quickly ran to her room. when i got there she slammed the door to her secret room, "Kira, are you ok? where are you?"

"I've changed again! I don't know what's happening to me!" she sounded like she was about to burst into tears.

"Kira come out, let me see, i can't help you if i can't see the problem,"

"Ok," her secret door started to open and out she came hiding in her blanket barely able to hide her new breasts, she then took off the blanket and turned in a circle shyly so i could see all of what i have done. I was completely speechless, she looked so much cute to me like that. "well? do you think you can help?" she quickly responded after seeing that i was speechless and staring at her breasts.

"let me see the effects of this on your data," i pulled out my scanner interface and scanned her data. "it would appear that this has permanently affected your data." as i said it her face just saddened immensly, i went in to hug her and comfort her, as soon as i hugged her i heard a small moan come from her as her breasts were more sensitive but then she started bawling on my shoulder soaking it in tears.

To be Continued.....
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