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A chapter from my book "Blue Fyre"
Starry Night Illustration

The Blue Dragon soared in flight
On a dark and starry night;
Tasting,sniffing the air.
On end ‘twas every hair!

Fear she smelled and sensed
as forward she commenced
Into the ancient castle by the sea..
Wondered if there the source would be?

As the bridge dropped down into a walkway
over the moat and in the wind began to sway;
It greeted and welcomed her
with a mysterious allure.

As she entered the forlorn halls
shivering from the shadows calls
Her Eyes locked with another’s upon contact!
Muscles tensed, she growled and reared back

In her warrior's stance,
choosing to lead this dance;
Of life and death - if ‘tis what it be
and that which she sensed was her enemy.

As the figure in the gloom became clear
kindness and compassion overcame her fear..
With a minute lift of her small delicate hand,
the human touched the nose of the Blue Dragon

And gave such a caress-
In this forbidden fortress!
Breaking this Blue Dragons heart,
as tears in mine eyes began to start--

This fearful creature I had found
had moved forward without a sound
and wrapped her arms about
this Dragons neck still crying aloud.

Despair and death had befallen
upon the castle keep came a'crawlin-
Taking servant and noble alike;
leaving only her to defend and fight.

To protect the treasures within
from those who pillaged to begin
Their own nightmare of reason;
Ignoring the sacred season.

Within cold walls as she had been jailed
with ghosts and Goddesses who there dwelt...
Until a dragon of the fairest blue
one that chanted and sang as she flew.

Would come upon and partake
of her tears and not forsake
her to walk along this path.
All who harm felt the wrath

of the elements of four;
Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
They approached the crossroads of time.
Singing and chanting the Wyrd in rhyme!

Knowing together they would yet find
that which they sensed in heart and mind..
As they continued to seek
That which has yet, to be seen…


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