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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Adult · #2163128
A woman escapes her captures.
Ritual Story

She ran out into the field screaming. They were close behind, knives in their hands. The big fire raged in the middle of the area. She had nowhere to hide. The pig masks the men wore were hideous. Her bare feet were cut badly, and with immense difficulty carried on towards the entrance to the forest, once in there she had a chance to escape amongst the many trees. There were about seven men after her, this was an awful situation that she faced. Looking back, fearing the worst, noticing all of them had stopped, but why?
Within seconds the trees surrounded her. For the first time in ages she felt like she had a chance of surviving this horrendous situation. Crouching down, then using her hands felt her way through.
She missed her brother. This made her sad. "I love you, Gareth."
All of a sudden hearing the dogs, a shudder ran through her, this is why the men had stopped, now being hunted by vicious animals.
Picking up her pace, because if not she'd be ripped to shreds, carried on. The full moon beamed down. Seeing twenty metres ahead, and running as fast as possible followed a narrow path. At last things were looking up.
She needed to escape these maniacs. If not, she'd become another missing person, forgotten in time because the police didn't do their job properly.
While making her way through this unforgiving place, feeling complete anger towards these bastard's, who'd kidnapped her four days before. If she ever got out of this, they would pay dearly. Her feet hurt so much she wanted to cry. The barking was getting closer, as the animals followed her trail. The growth which surrounded her lessened. Making her way carefully down a steep slope, at the bottom observing a bungalow, she needed to take her time, one slip and she'd be in big trouble. From above her she heard snarling. Looking up the slight hill she saw five dogs, but they seemed reluctant to make their way down. Ignoring them, proceeded towards the bungalow. Her heart raced. Finally she'd reached the fence which surrounded the building, and unhooking the gate made her way in. Not knowing who lived there unnerved her a little. From the forest men shouted, seeing the dogs disappear back into the area, then realising she was safe for the time being.
Once at the entrance, she knocked twice. The brown door opened. A man in his sixties stood there. He had grey long hair, and wore a red dressing gown. "How can I help you?" he asked, noticing her dirty appearance.
"I need help. Some men are after me. Could I hide here until morning. Then I'll be gone first thing, I promise."
He looked her up and down, before answering, "Well, I'm not sure. I don't like letting strangers into my home. You are more than welcome to use my phone, and ring the police."
She pleaded with him, "Please I beg you. I have no one else."
He seemed uncomfortable about it. "I'm sorry but I don't know you.". He slammed the door in her face.
What the hell. She thumped the wood countless times with her fist.
With sheer horror all of a sudden hearing a vehicle from the other side of the bungalow, then it stopped. She had this awful feeling it was them, while they searched for her. It was time to leave.
Men's voices were heard as they got nearer. She needed to hide. Making her way around the property, she saw a chance of escape. The man who owned the place had a van parked at the side of the bungalow, realising it was a rubbish idea, as she didn't have the keys to start it.
"Damn. What should I do?" she said, needing a miracle to get out of this.
She could still hear the men as they walked to the entrance and knocked. A little laughter from them concerned her. Maybe this was her best chance of escape, while they chatted to the owner, making a run for it?
The man opened the door. As quick as she could she proceeded down the front garden, passing the van, then seeing a small gap in the fence which led to a narrow lane. Once making it, she looked towards the bungalow, and further up the lane was their parked motor.
If she hid behind a nearby hedge, then waited for them to drive off, this might be her best chance of staying undetected?
Waiting patiently, when finally four of the men appeared, walking back towards the red car. They got in, then starting the engine made their way up the lane. She recognised two of them, one being the leader of the group. He was a tall man with muscles, and a tattoo covered one side of his neck. If you met him in a darkened alley it would certainly be disconcerting.
While still crouched behind the hedge, she got up, then an idea came to her.
Keeping a watchful eye she proceeded back to the bungalow. Knocking on the door, straightaway he opened it, and said nervously, "Why are they after you, what the hell did you do to make them so angry?"
She was completely shocked. "I didn't do anything. My car broke down, and they forced me into their truck. Basically they kidnapped me, and the only reason I escaped, is because one of them forgot to lock the shed where I was being kept."
The man scratched the top of his head, before replying, "Oh, okay. Sounds like Ted. The one who made that fatal error. He's always been bloody stupid. But I've never known the group to do anything like this before. Are you sure?"
"I just don't understand," she answered. "I've been so scared. The thought of them capturing me again, terrifies me so much.,"
"Come in, I'll make you a nice cup of tea. Then we can talk about it, but there's one thing which concerns me. Why didn't you want to ring the police earlier? If what you say is true, why wouldn't you want to involve them?"
"I know this sounds bizarre, but when I was locked up, I heard voices one night, and peering through the slight gap of the door, I saw with utter surprise a man dressed in a police uniform chatting to the man in charge. At first I thought I had imagined it. So looking again I realised a policeman stood there, this time he faced the shed. Both of them were laughing at me. This is why I'm reluctant to involve the police. Do you understand?"
The man seemed astounded by this, then replied, "Are you sure?"
"One hundred percent. I couldn't believe it at the time. This is why I'm having trouble trusting them at the moment."
"Come in. You are welcome to stay the night. At this horrible time you need a friend. And first thing in the morning I will drive you far from here, to somewhere a lot safer. I promise you'll be okay. I won't let anything happen to you. Do you trust me?" he said.
She smiled, at last things were looking up. "Thank you so much."
"By the way, what's your name? If you're staying the night it only seems fair that I know."
She laughed, before answering, "It's Megan."
He showed her down the hallway. Pointing to a room on the left, said, "I hope you don't mind staying in here. It's got a comfy bed, a TV. Is it to your liking?"
She was over the moon with it. "It's lovely. I can't thank you enough."
He looked pleased with that response. "Good. Take a shower if you like. I have towels, a fresh set of clothes."
After all that had happened, a nice soothing shower sounded like the best plan in the world. "Thank you so much for your hospitality. It means a lot.". She began to cry, feeling embarrassed, she glanced at the kind older gent. "You're my angel."
Megan kissed him gently on the left cheek.
"I'll fetch you some towels and some dry clothes."
With that he made his way into the living room.


Megan stared in the mirror. She looked a mess. Slowly she took her dirty clothes off, placing them in the wash basket. She felt so ashamed, even though she'd done nothing wrong. Her pale skin was covered in bruises. Her short blonde hair was thick with dirt.
The hot water ran down her, it was wonderful. Her feet stung from all the little cuts. The shampoo and body wash smelt lovely while she washed her hair, and rubbing her hands all over her body, cleaned herself. She closed her eyes and thought of her dad, who'd passed away only a week before. This is why she was making the long journey back home, when the men kidnapped her. She still couldn't believe her luck.
Once she'd dried herself, she put on some new clothes, which had belonged to his wife. That felt better. Combing her hair, she glanced in the mirror. A slight smile came across her pretty face, realising the nightmare was coming to an end.
Once she gets out of this hell hole she'll make contact with the law enforcers immediately, telling them everything.


She slept like a baby, which surprised her after everything she'd been through. The morning sun was pleasant as she took a walk in the garden facing the forest. She imagined the dogs being there, this unnerved her a little. She headed back indoors where the kind man was preparing breakfast.
He looked up, before saying, "Good morning. Before we head off I thought I'd cook you some food. Is that to your liking, Megan?"
She sat down at the table in the middle of the quite big kitchen, and replied in a friendly manner, "That would be lovely. Thank you."
He was about the same age as her dad, peering at him she felt sadness. Losing his soulmate couldn't of been easy. Life was so unfair at times. Nearby was a photograph of him and his wife while they smiled. It was lovely.
After they'd eaten. He picked up the van keys. "Are you ready?"
Megan just wanted to get away from here. "Yes, let's go."
Outside both headed for the parked vehicle. The temperature was reasonable for the time of year, also there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. It was a pleasant Spring day.
Before getting in the driver's side he turned to her, and said, "I know how this is going to sound, but the only road out of here passes their farm. If you sit up the front with me and they see you, we're both screwed. My idea is if you hide in the back until the farm is behind us, it would make me feel a lot more relaxed. Do you mind, I know it's dark in there and there's no windows, but it won't be for long? I promise."
Megan didn't like the idea much, but she could understand where he was coming from. "Yes, that's fine."
She climbed in. He closed the two doors. It was pitch black, and very warm. She heard him start the engine. The van moved slowly up the driveway,
to the lane in front of the bungalow. She felt him turn right. Then she sat there in silence, slightly apprehensive that she'd put her life in the hands of a man she barely knew. About three minutes had passed and he turned again onto rougher terrain. Megan tried calling out to him, but with the noise of the engine it was difficult to tell if he could hear her. All of a sudden he stopped. Faint voices were heard. She grew fearful. The two doors swung open, standing there was the tattooed man, a grin on his face, then he said, "I see you're back. The shed has missed you."
Megan started to panic. But why? "I don't understand. It doesn't make any sense," she shrieked, not knowing what else she could do. The kind man had betrayed her.
Then he appeared, now standing beside the tall male with muscles. "I'm sorry, miss. My son's been a silly boy, and I don't always agree with what he chooses to do, but I love him very much. I can't have you spreading rumours to strangers about my son, which in time would tarnish his good name. I would protect him for as long as I breathe, through good or bad. Because that's what families do."
"This is madness," she yelled, not quite believing what was going on. "Your son kidnapped me, then tormented me in front of his mates."
The man turned his back on her.
"Come on, boys. Let's put her back in the cage," shouted the nasty individual, while he laughed.
Two men dragged her out of the van, then forcefully carried her to the shed. Once inside, she closed her eyes and said a small prayer to her much loved father, knowing she was going to see him again very soon.

The End

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