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by Leslie
Rated: E · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2163150
Harry Potter has a twin sister, come join Calysta Potter on her journey.
Imagine your whole life being a lie. Believing you were the magical daughter of the Cullens, thinking you knew everything and suddenly knowing nothing. That was my life. My name is or was Rosabella Cullen, now its Calysta Potter, daughter of James and Lily Potter younger twin sister to Harry Potter, the chose one. I'm eleven years old on my way to Hogwarts, a magical school for witches and wizards, such as myself.
I walked onto the scarlet train, nerves racking my body. I was going to meet my brother for the first time in eleven years. Taking a deep breath I entered a random compartment. My eyes widen as I took in the appearance of the two boys sitting down. One with blazing red hair and kind blue eyes, the other had similar green eyes to mine and hair a darker shade than my own, but other than that one could tell we were related.
He stood up rather slowly, recognition in his eyes, did he recognize me? "You're my sister." He whispered astonished. I nodded, a smile curling at my lips. He engulfed me in a tight embrace, he smelled of the earth, the scent was very comforting. The boy clapped happily. I had almost forgotten he was here, my brother and I pulled apart, we were both smiling widely. "Calysta meet my new friend Ron Weasley." Harry introduced us. We both shook hands. "Pleasure to meet you," I said, suddenly I knew there was going to be a great adventure with these two. And I found myself not minding at all.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2163150-Calysta-Potter-chapter-one