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by Shaima
Rated: E · Short Story · Friendship · #2163160
Don't know where this is going...
Sometimes life just doesn't rotate the way we want it to, but that is alright, because we will, eventually, get what is best for us.
I know that there is nothing I can do about losing my mother, but I just wish I can have her for one last second, I just wish I can look at her face and scrutinise her beauty; the beauty that she left on me.
My acquaintances in school tend to inform me that I am a loser, because I do not have any parent. My mother may have passed out, so it was not her choice to leave me, but my father, he left me on purpose; he left because apparently his business matters more than family.
I do not think anyone is wrong, for these are just opinions, and what is real, is what we believe.
I wish I was as brave as every other kid in school who walks the halls as if there is nothing to be ashamed of, or to care about. I wish I was like everyone else.
Tomorrow is just going to be like any other day is what I tell myself every time, because everyday nothing new happens. Every morning starts off with me showering, feeding myself, and going to school alone. Every morning in school I head to homeroom, get mocked, walk to my first class, get mocked in the hall, and it goes on for every class. During lunch in school, I sit separately from the rest of the world, unlike everyone else who has a buddy; even the geeks have friends. I do not know where I stand.
I want to go out on dates, hang out with the guys, dine out in my favourite restaurant, but most importantly, I want to live my life like everyone else.
I get to my classroom safe and sound, covering my uniform with my grey hoodie, as to avoid having anyone speak to me. I sit in silence next to April, staring into the blank white board. All my classmates are just wearing the boring school uniform, white shirt, navy jacket, navy pants or skirt, and I do not like the sight of it.
I bolt out of the room hoping that instead of students crossing this narrow hall, it will be teachers. Teachers give me more comfort, because each of them wears a different colour and different style. My hope shatters completely when I see Dylan. Dylan is the most popular kid in our school, because he is what everyone else wants to be; he is the ultimate person to them. Neither do I despise him, nor do I admire him.
I feel Dylan's nudge on my hoodie, so I look at him. His face is so pure and clean, and his eyes are of sapphire's colour, so dazzling, his lips are bright pink, but everyone knows he does not apply make-up to his face. His face alone makes him stand out, not to mention his body and his merit achievement. Dylan does well in sports and academically, that is why everyone in the building praise him.
"Hello, Dylan." I speak softly.
"Hey, Jack. Why are you not in class?" He asks whilst raising his eyebrows. One thing I hate about Dylan is that he always concerns himself with others if they are not in class on time and he is late to school.
"It is nothing... I just wanted some fresh air to breathe." I shake my head.
"Boring school uniform?" He asks with only his left eyebrow raised.
"Yeah, you know how it is..." I pause mid-sentence, remembering that I do not have to explain anything to him. "You should probably get to class." I say at last.
He grabs my arms to lead me the way. I didn't notice what he was wearing, but now I do, and I see my jacket; he is wearing the same hoodie as I am. I release my arms from his hands and walk silently next to him.
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